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  • Hi Lacytree, glad you got My Forbidden Love, its a really lush colour, your clients will love it.
    Hi Luz. I'm good thanks. How are you?
    Have you had any training in gel nails? I'd suggest you don't attempt it without some training as you could get in a real mess. lol
    I found this very helpful GELISH HARD GEL - YouTube
    You would remove in the same way as other hard gels and not like gellish. This is where training as a must. I've seen some online courses that may be worth a look for you. All that said. I love Gelish hard gel. It's so strong and works lovely with gelish too. Hope that's helpful. ;)
    Hi! how are you? I was wondering if you can please give me a step by step on how to apply the gelish hard gel system I want to know how to do nail extensions with it also can you please tell me how you remove it? Do you remove it like regulations gelish or like a regular gel with nail drill? Sorry for all the questions i would love to take course but i live in Connecticut usa and i can't fin any courses near Where i live.. Thank you :)
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