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  • hey hun how are you, had your baby yet? hows the nails going ect, just thought id catch up with you i hope you are ok sweetiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    hey hun, how are you??? im ok practising with my glitters, how are you feeling have you had your baby yet??xx
    sureit is you, just cant find mess on here. I rebranded with EZFLOW about 2 months ago done 3d course with georgie last year as trying to get into the more advanced stuff but like you it is getting people to practice on, im setting up my own business from home at the mo doing beauty therapy and nails, i can do the normal but am trying to get into doing the glitters. i also have a nail trainer, when i first started out a few years back, i done some a5 flyers asking for models fora acrylics charging £16.00 introductory charge to get the experience and build my confidence, I too found it quite hard with the ratio with ezflow i find by dip your brush right in and the press out your air bubbles, dip all in again then wipe gently twice in the middle of the brush gets you a med bead leave it a couple of secs put on leave again, wipe brush (always inbetween touching bead) for a smaller bead dip wipe three time very gently from bottom of brush . xxkeep in tocuh
    hey, im so thik at this still still learning hwo to get around it was it you that asked me bout ezflow? sarah, gonna check my email as cant find mess if not wat do you dox
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