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  • Nooooo bloody way :eek:. You kidding? Aaw bless. The horny little devil and in front of the rabbit :smack:. Old Mont probably tried it with the rabbit too :lol::lol::lol:. No morals :wink2:.
    Wheres that shooting gun smiley????? LMAO!! I'm looking at the website now & her candles look really nice. Thanks for sharing. x x
    Rach, I am soooo sorry I never replied to your snippet about Monty before now. I have an never ending 'to do' list which only gets longer and longer :lol: How are you hun? Are you settled in now? Seen any new ditches lately for me to ram my rear wheels into? So pleased Monty moved with you :hug:. He will be safe. Say hi to him for me please :wink2: xx
    How're you doing? Love the stilletto's on your album, I don't remember them being there last time I looked - are they new? I think my fave are still the amber glitter ones though, very wearable and just my colour! I'll have a go at stilletto's when I feel confident with my regular shape. Are you busy in the home salon at the mo?
    My mum is in Rawnsley at the moment but we were originally from around Hednesford. I usually pop over every week or so to visit and browse around the shops. The training at Cannock was ok but it was a very large class so not everyone was able to get much one to one help. I think the lecturer concentrated her efforts on the students who needed the most help. Do you have many working in your salon?
    Just noticed you're in Cannock. I'm in Stoke on Trent but my mum's in Cannock and I went to college there recently to do my nail training (I also use NSI) so I thought I'd say hello.
    Hi Rach hun it does seem like months since we chatted.
    I am ok still copping with meds for my tummy I am just going day by day at the moment.
    Hows you hope all your aches are ok just now, nice to hear you are busy.
    Did I pick it up right have you moved house?
    I could be imagining this it wouldn't be the first time :lol:
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