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  • thank u my lovely uv been more than helpfull setting up salon from home and i think im already wopndering if i shouldnt have because people just dnt have the money also i dnt do nails but im going too learn so either way i wont put a negative on it untill at least next year then ill evaluate thank u xx
    I changed from Dermalogica mostly because they kept upping their retail prices, for example 3 times in 1 year, and also because they have products all over ebay and in department stores. It was getting too expensive for my clients to buy retail from me.

    Actually, every client that had a dermalogica facial with me and then an eve taylor facial prefered Eve Taylor. The main feedback i received was that their skin felt much more hydrated.

    Eve taylor is much cheaper to retail and so my clients will happily buy it and treat themselves to something extra like a facial brush, masque or bath oil, whereas with Dermalogica they would just get the one specific product they were after.

    The only minor downside is that Eve Taylor is not as well known, so i used to get people coming specifically because i had Dermalogica, but i haven't had that with Eve Taylor. All but one of my existing clients tried the new products and loved them.

    If you google "facial massage course" a lot of courses pop up, so maybe you could do some research into price, dates and location and when you have a few narrowed down, see if any of the geeks have any feedback on them xx
    Hello. You don't have to have a minimum order with Eve Taylor to do their training but you do have to pay for it. Their training is great but is based on their products and their skin analysis technique, not particular facial movements, so i would recommend doing another course if it is your massage you want to work on. We didn't actually carry out a facial during their training.

    I trained at college and then went to a salon who provided training with their brand, then moved salons where i was trained up in Dermalogica and chose Dermalogica for myself and did a lot of training with them before i decided on Eve Taylor.

    I'm not sure where the best place for facial massage would be to train, but i would definitely look into it a bit further. My clients love to doze off during the massage and it can really stretch out a facial if you think it's a bit short. Stress can also effect the skin, so relaxation will help improve it :)

    Sorry i'm not much help. Are you using a particular brand? xx
    Hi there sorry i just noticed your message .No i didnt get your last message .I am not a beautician and bought the machine as a second income but because i have no clients to begin with i have found it very difficult to get people through the door.The thing is the machine is fantastic and i have had gret results myself with it.But i cant justify all that money on a machine for myself.I am currently thinking of selling when i get the right price kind regards molly
    Thankyou for the lovely compliment ladylou, i've been doing nails since 2008 when i qualified. The nail art is self taught, watching lots of videos and trying lots of ideas on nail pops and lots of practising. When i first start i really wasn't that great, but with lots of practice in got easier. I still get ideas that look fab in my head but then look rubbish on the nail lol, but it's all a learning curve :) xx
    Hi, I can't comment on the complete course as I only did the conversion course which was just with tips. I'm sure if you post your question on the forum, someone who has done the complete course will answer and may be able to help you more.

    Heather x
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