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  • Hi do you still want to do treatment swaps? What treatments do you do? I live in southampton.
    Hannah x
    Thats good then hun. Docs are crap, she still not well hun going take her the docs again in the morning they did not give her anything last time i was so mad, they did not know what it was if it chicken pox or a virial infection.
    Thats brill hun about you having a model on monday which do you prefer gel or arylic? hope you having a good weekend as well hun xxx
    Mmmmmmm I love marshmallows....I can eat a ton in one go....
    No fat in them so they are good for you aren't they? :lol:
    I'm fine thanks....hope you are doing good too....:hug: Wondered where you had been!!!!
    Any good recipes in the cupcake book send them my way!!!
    xxxx Jo xxxx
    I have made a start, then I got lazy when the sun came out lol..I will get back down to it again now the rain's back xx
    Hiya hun, its all done now...had a couple of hits from it...nothing major yet but thats ok.
    Loving your hair, really suits
    I do lkash tinting but not perming...i tried it and i did not like the effect,my lashes curled right back on themselves...i have left Grayshott,and just work from home now,mainly waxing,some facials and nails,calgel has really taken off...i have done a couple of pamper partys with ginny....we want to move in the autumn though,but we have so much to sort out with rich...mainly his dad....long story....any way cheers for now xx
    Hope kacy is ok mate? i got caitlin really ill with blisters all over her she started with them yesterday and she is in pain hun.
    Good for you how did you find it? and where is the pic? xxx
    we went to cornwall, it was lovely just needed a break to get away. i am glad business going well for you xxxx
    Hi matey, sorry not been in touch been on holiday for a week, so refreshed noe lol how are you chick? hope buisness going well for you? xxx
    Thanks hun, needs a bit of tweaking here and ther but I am pretty happy woth it, thanks for the info on it
    Hi hun I have it all set up, I am just waiting to sort insurance out and then im going live, I am doing it for my glitter tattoos...have a peek Home let me know what you think
    Seems to be easy enough, will have to spend some time on it tomorrow I think...will let you know when its finished xx
    I thought we were friends already as well pmsl...I have made a start on the website then the world and his wife have been to visit lol...x
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