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  • hi Lana, still pretty new here... don't get to come to the site as often as I'd like.. just wanted to say 'hi'... nice to see a fellow Canuck here!.. Tina.
    Pterygium results from abnormal growth of damaged skin. The eponychium is living skin that surrounds the base of the nail plate and the cuticle is dead skin on the nail plate. My book breaks this down into understandable terms. If you're interested in this type of thing, you should get a copy, Nail Structure and Product Chemistry. Sweet Squared carry's it.
    I hope that answers your questions.
    Hey Lana,
    thanks for putting me on your list. So, you're interested in chemistry? Cool, me too... as you probably know.
    Talk to you later,
    Doug Schoon
    I have tried that lana. and the paper will not lay down long enough to cure it! there is always a pucker. Anything else I could try?
    Hi Lana, I am comming to you with a new problem. I amtrying to put a very thin piece of paper on the nail that has a really cool design. I have wet the paper with monomer and tried to put it on gel, and wet acryli. I have also tried to glue it with 4 different glues. My problem is that the nail inquestion is a high arched nail, and I always have puckers!
    Hi Lana, is that Pom on your pics yours? I also have a Pom, she is only 6 months old!! x x x
    Hi Lana,
    I am so intriged with how you described how thin pow is. I would like to know everything you can tell me!
    Thanks Tess
    Hi Lana,
    I am very interested in pow since you are the queen of it! It must be good! What is it? lol!!!! I think it is a clolor of acrylic but I'm not sure!
    Thanks Tess
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