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  • Hi Denise, havn't heard off you for a while, are you still on here? Hope all is well, please keep in touch, love Zephyr x
    Hi Zephyr
    Whats the braidless weave technique is this new or what x
    Hi Denise, do you want to join the new group Hair Extension World, hope so, love Zephyr xxx ps: havn't heard off you for a while, hope all is well.
    Hi Lancashire lass, I have read in previous posts that you pre tip all your own hair, I was wondering if you offer this service out. I have a couple of clients who have had their hair extensions in for a few months now, the hair in itself is in fantastic condition but because of a few push ups/wear they could do with re-tipping, seems such a shame to throw away good hair. If you could get back to me on this I would be extremely grateful.
    Many thanks Diane.
    Hi! I hope all is well. I PM you regarding the information for Diwans, I live in Mexico and I need to buy bulk, do you have any info on suppliers from India, China..
    I would really appreciate it
    Hello! I saw a post from yourself from the end of last year regarding pre tipping nano ring hair extensions. I wondered if you are offering this service? If you could email me any info it would be FANTASTIC!! Many thanks. Cherry.
    Hi hope you don't mind me messaging you , did you say you had some of the tiny copper hair locs / extenshells for sale ? Are they long the same lines as the easilocks ? Do they grip well ? Thank you
    Hi there.I'm new to salon geek and have seen your pic.Is that your hair - its gorgeous.
    The reason ive joined is i've had raccoon extensions,and they discontinued my colour(i'm ginger so matching a bit of a nightmare).Didnt like the service after this,so i moved onto Cinderella hair 22" colour 30.Was great - i've had 2 lots that have been fab.Last set lasted months,but just over a week ago i've had another set of them,and colour had changed slightly(could cope with that - wasnt a problem),but after the 1st wash they are stretchy like elastic when wet,snapping on ends due to this.Ive lost an inch already.Really not happy.
    Im looking for another brand that do a similar copper colour in 20/22".Any advice,and would you recommend pre-bonded or micro-rings.
    Cinderella have PMB glue so glue stays hard throughout hair life which i loved(worried about the keratin glue ones as they go soft),but hair quality my main concern now as i thought these were fab,and now last set are totally different.Quality is discusting.
    If you have any advise i would be grateful.Thanks,Viv
    hi Lancashirelass i am new to salon geek and i have seen some of your advise on here it has been very helpfull so fair thank you :) i have my first application of micro rings next week my coient has very fine hair and is hoping for thickness using the micro rings...could you please advice me on the best way to apply for thickness..many thanks louise :)
    Hi, please could you email me a copy of one of your consultation forms as well Msny Thanks Jane. Email Addy is
    Hi, you seem to be very clued up on extension. I'm new to extensions and doing a ultrasonic course on Sunday. I'm looking to have a full head of extensions myself (gotta promote my product) my hair is quite short 4" top layer 2.5" bottom. It's cut in a pob! I have found a supplier selling 2g extensions. Am I better going for 100 2gs or 200 1gs. Thanks in advance for your help.


    Ashley :)
    Im new to this and am totally unsure if im even messaging the right person :) But i wanted to know if you can recommend a good micro ring supplier? As you seem to know your stuff :0 Its a bit confusing silicone lined copper aliminuim tubes rings . What would you sugest? Thanks xxx
    Hi lancahirelass, Could you send me the video on how you pre tip please, cant seem to find it x x
    Hiya - I noticed you said you had some comfywashes - and I think I might be interested - can you tell me if you think they would fit a belfast kitchen sink (bit deeper than a regular sink) - sorry if it seems a funny question! I bought another portable sink with a hose to use in the kitchen, but the pipe for drainage doesn't work going back up into the sink, so pretty useless to me. These comfywashes look like they solve the hassle of having an extra sink! x
    Hiya, I'm new to salon geek and I've seen your comments on a few forums so I thought I'd just write you a message instead as you seem to have good advice! I'm already trained in pre bonds but wondered if you knew of any good training courses for micro rings? I'm also wanting to use Russian hair and wondered if you knew of any good suppliers? I hope you don't mind me asking questions!! Thank you x
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