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  • Hi HUn,
    Been to Poppies open day, very nice, luxury & style. I have their price list and treatments brochure etc.
    Love A x x x x
    Hi Hun, got your number, sent pm. Was 12 noon before I got the candy open. Town was busy in the morning, well loads of people, but as soon as the draw for the Pendle Hospice car was done, they all left.
    Finding it hard to type without my nails.
    Call you 2moz.
    Love Angela x x x
    Hi Lisa, So glad you are better, I was worried about you.
    Yes still going to Pro Beauty, going both days, but very early on the Sunday as I have promised to be a model in the salon speed competition, that should be fun, love to see competitions, but I am not ready to do one myself yet. I need to be there one hour before comp, so have to be in Manchester by 9.30am at latest, so I will be on a bus by 8am. I don't expect I will be long in competition as I think it will be finished by 11.30am on the Sunday. PM me your mobile number again. Then will go in again the next day on the 9.30am bus from Burnley station. Phone me if you want to meet up.
    Working in Candy today, Oh Joy!!!! Just waiting for bouncy castle to be collected, then on my way.
    I did get that phone !!!!!!!!!OMG what a pain, used it for 6 days then sent it back......Not the one for me, so have to pick another now.
    Love Angela x x x x
    Hi Lisa, that would be great, love to meet Woody. PM me your address and tel number 12 noon is perfect for me. Can't wait for a catch up. Love Angela. x x x x
    PS pm'd you my mobile number too.
    Hi Lisa,
    How are you? Really would like to meet up. Going in hospital in 5 weeks, then won't be about for a few weeks. PM me if you are free.
    Love Angela x x x x
    Hi Lisa,
    Give me a call sometime, you did mention wanting to sell some products, let me know if you do, as I need to make some orders soon.
    Love Angela x
    Hi hUn,
    How are you? How was the cruise?
    Give me a call sometime, then we can go for that coffee.
    Love Angela x x x
    hi saw the post about body shop reps and was looking some information on it thanks!
    Hiya huni, i found an old post about body shop reps and was wondering if you could give me some advice about how to go about becoming one thank a million sammy x
    I think u need to do my hair or nails, just so I can say 'Oooh I had my hair/nails done by a celeb!' Lol, I saw the episode xxx
    Well it will be a fantastic weekend for you..... to meet TakeThat will be brilliant. I am so jealous mwaah!!
    Just read your post about meeting not only Ant and Dec but TAKE THAT!!!! I am so jealous :lol: Please make sure you take lots of piccies and post them here for us all to see. Oh and if you can give little Mark a kiss from me!!! :)
    Hi, hope u dont mind me snooping @ ur pictures, you've given me a great idea on where & how to set up a small nail dome lol ur cabin is great x
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