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  • Wow is it that long since we spoke? I am glad you made a decision on what to do, if you ever get any in can you let me know please xx
    Hi Laura hope things are going well at carinas? i am after a dress style tunic that i can wear with leggings or alone do you sell these? xxx
    Hi Lauraj. Where abouts are you? Rotherham area? I would be interested in practice definitely. Let me know when is good for you.

    Yeah I'd definatly be up for swapping treatments :) Is there anything you'd like?
    I do manicure, pedicure, (also with paraffin wax) acrylics, calgel, gelish, eye treatments (tinting, waxing, tweezing etc) facials, waxing xxx
    Hi yes thats fine my mobile number is 07905611599 just let me know when and I can give you salon address, I use st tropez hope thats ok :) xx
    If the hair side is busy you will do great! Wishing you lots of luck, are you still up for service swaps? xx
    Great!! Yes it does take time but lots of people have their nails done so it is a good market, everywhere seems to be slow at the moment though. Is the hair side busy? As I have found that if they are then you are xx
    Hi, glad to hear your having a go!! Its too hard to reisist isnt it?lol. I sprayed my BF when I first got mine in the 12% and Im so glad I didnt do his face cause it was really dark! He wont let me near him now with that 12% lol. Does the solution seem wet when you spray it? If so, try turning the gun a bit more and test it on couch roll before you start spraying. I have it set up at 6 o clock, maybe try that? Good Luck xx
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