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  • No problem did you get my mobile number? Text or ring when you want to come in for your treatment x
    No problem, I know how to use it but it has never interested me as nails isnt my thing, will take a look at the minx could I have it on my toes as I have gel on my fingers? What would you like in return?
    Hi only just realised it was you i replied to in geekbay, the airbrush kit I was looking for £50 for it x
    I would definitely be interested in the Minx and would be a guinea pic for when you do our tanning :) is there anything on my list you would be interested in? x
    YAY! That is fabulous Laura - I am SO pleased xx What days do you work? I am going on holiday on Saturday for a few days but will be back on the 24th. Could do the 25th at between 11am - 2.00pm or Friday 26th at 12pm, anytime monday 29th - if you need more dates hun let me know x Would be good to see ya too x I think you deserve a freebie with the fish since you were one of the first people I discussed it with :) x
    not a problem at all hun, hairdryer or my lamp whichever you prefer :) x Thank you so much! You could come to my salon to do them for me if you wanted, that way everything you need will be there - maybe you could have a dip with my fish lol x I know what you mean about trendys, they are so much more faffy and thicker so not as forgiving in terms of stretching them. What file do you use? I have the propper minx file but always end up using a normal file, the minx file is just so awkward :(
    I understand your insurance worries but I would be happy to sign a disclaimer and even provide the wraps and lamp x Sorry I am sounding desperate now lol x I cannot find anyone else locally that offers minx, a couple do trendy wraps but I don't think the quality is the same, I love Minx lol x
    absolutley! Keep me in mind chicken, I would love to be a guinea pig - would have to pay you something though - would not expect anything for free. Also I would love minx on my toes but struggle to do my own. Would you consider doing this for me also?
    Aww thanks Laura x Might look you up for a spray tan :) I have not had one before but have always fancied it x what is your website address hun?
    Hi Laura

    It is going really well thank you! I am really pleased I invested in it. It has definately increased my revenue as well as promoting other services :) x How are you? What are you up to these days? Still mobiling? x
    Hiya ,
    they are having footspa's alittle foot lotion massage, then basecoat, polish, nail art top coat,
    then alittle tidy, hand nails basecoat, polish, topcoat, hand lotion massage, nail art, They all receive a gift bag, Chocoloate strawberry fondue, Non booze bubbly in a champayne bottle, plastic flute glasses strawbs, mother has a £5 off gift voucher, & the birthday girl get hers half price xx
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