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    Glitter wine glasses!

    That's great thanks I've just ordered some x
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    Glitter wine glasses!

    Which sealer did everyone decide on in the end? I've done mine with mod podge but they need sealing and I don't know what is best to use. I also did glitter to the top because there were so many like that on the internet.
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    House spiders

    I had a huge one the I saw Friday night but I missed it when I tried to hoover it. I made my brother come round to get it yesterday but we couldn't find it all we did find were loads of cobwebs between the cracks where the cushions meet on the sofa.... not good
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    Christmas projects - 2013

    I've made Santa bread so far but I have done the pieces for a ginger bread house just got to put them together
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    Thank you I don't think I can change the tension on my machine however I could do the square to see what it comes out like and then just do the garment in a bigger size. Might have to have another go x
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    I have a knitting machine but I struggle to get things to be the right size. Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
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    Beauty bed for a small car

    Hi everyone I do some waxing but at the moment can only offer facial waxing as my beauty bed doesn't fit in my car and it weighs loads. I want to know if there is a smaller one that might fit. My car is a street ka. Any ideas?
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    Coffee for friendless geeks

    You two are also close to me, pm me if you fancy meeting up x
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    Struggling to find makeup assistants

    Maybe don't refer to it as a make up assistant that you are looking for and just say that you are wanting someone to work along side you on bridal work. Also tell them whats expected if their work was good and brushes clean etc but they mix foundation on their arm you can always say you are...
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    Favourite shops for dresses online?

    ooo that is nice I'll try house of fraser. I found a few I liked but they didn't have my size
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    Good book recommendations?

    I'm reading a good book at the moment called The Linnet Bird It is a story of a young girls life and the changes she has to make to find a better life for herself. I really like it and can't put it down
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    Favourite shops for dresses online?

    Wow thanks ladies that's quite a list. Might be sharing some links next so you can help me pick too :)
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    Favourite shops for dresses online?

    I'm looking for a new dress as I'm going to a wedding soon. Where do you ladies go to for internet shopping? Laura :)
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    Random Scratch Magazine

    I got one today as well and wasn't sure how
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    Persianista has done it again!

    Ignore it and keep going you only need to look at this thread to see how well you're doing. You can't please them all x Sent from my GT-I8190N using SalonGeek mobile app