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  • Hi Laurakate

    Thank you for your message. I have just read your blog and found it very helpful. I am worrying myself sick at the moment as I do not feel I learned enough on the course. They did not show us how to do false lashes and I'm sure this is in the assessment, not working in beauty before I have no idea how to do them.

    At present I am trying to work out how to do my case studies, I am not sure what to include, how much writing e.t.c they expect as my information pack they sent is not much help.

    Would you mind sending me an example of one of your case studies or do you know where I can find any to get an idea of what they expect.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks xx
    Hi there, I just wanted to say thanks for the heart! Wishing you & yours a wonderful week! :)
    Thank you Laurakate! They are so much fun, I haven't photographed any of my nails in aaaaaaaaaaages, CND Additives have really inspired me:)
    Hey lovey youre welcome i thought both of your blogs were fab!
    Oooh definitely to the shellac class, i did mine last year and thought it was great, though would love to do it again as theyve added lots more to it from what i understand. Keep us posted on how you do at your conversion when you go back and good luck honey.
    Love n hugs x x x
    Opps sorry, i cant keep up with whio is doing what i keep posting all over :)
    I love doing nails and seem to be now doing friends of friends, guess its just building yourself up. x
    ahh love doing the bio nails, just wanting to get a bio glitter, have you tried any? i like the look of the new duchess x x
    Thanks for the <3 !It's my first one,it means a lot to me :D
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