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  • hiya, just looking at your HD brow thread that you posted last year?

    did u end up going with HD? I'm tormenting myself as cannot decide whether to do them or not? one minute i'm all for it, the next i'm not..:rolleyes:
    It's your birthday muisses.... why were you here talking business and not out getting bladdered? lol
    Did you have a nice meal ? We didn't bloomin get out untill about half 9 ... I was starving to death, and I got in just after midnight... God I am soooooo Rock and roll !
    Hey ! I did have 2 wines though whoop whoop.... there is hope for me yet :D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again .. Loads a love Emms x
    Hi Laura

    Thanks for your message, i would like to come and see you at the salon and talk to you about the opportunity, when would you be free?
    Look forward to your reply

    Hi There, did you ever decide on a skin care range, I ask cos I started a similar thread recently. I think I am going to go with Susan Molyneux, nice products, good customer service - they have been very helpful and most importantly good post graduate training near where I live!

    anne xx
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