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  • thanks s much!! I actaully love you ahah!! I was looking at ones at £500 and cringing! Your salon is looking fab! btw what does hth mean ? I have saw that and don't know what it means lol!x
    Hey Laura, I got them in Ikea, its a flat mirror and two strips of lights! Pretty cheap too!! which is always good :)
    heres the links
    IKEA | Bathroom | Bathroom mirrors | KOLJA | Mirror
    IKEA | Bathroom | Bathroom lighting | MUSIK | Wall lamp
    hth x
    Just got my certificates through i'm now a qualified therapist yaaaay! thanks again for all your help xxx
    so sorry i'm still gettin used to this site. i just wanted to say thanks for your help i've now passed my nvq2 in beauty. i was wonderin if you could recommend any short make up course that i could do just to help me gain a bit more experience in make up. i did want to do level 3 make up but unfortunately they dont do it where i live now. i have found some short make up courses nearby but i'm unsure what type of course would be the best for when i eventually get out in industry. i'm lookin at eventually goin mobile and would like to be able to offer make up for weddings or photographic work. thank you for all your help. x
    thanks babe :D! glad it all went well!, you'll get to the point too when you'll just know what to use. I don't think you asked me about make up courses?xx
    i cant see our previous conversations using my phone is confusing. i cant remember if i asked you about short make up courses or not xxx
    i am so sorry for the late reply ive had no laptop and ive only just figured out how to get on here on my phone. everything went amazin i was really happy with the result. i just wish i took a pic to show you. thank you so much for your help i couldnt of done it without you!!! xxx
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