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    I'm not the black sheep!

    hehe awww they are a bit too cute hehe:) very well done! laurenjade xxxx
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    OMG! cow on my nail!!!

    ooh wow!! that is proper good hehe, amazing what you can put on your nails. laurenjade xxxx
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    my own business

    thankyou for the advice :) much appreciated. laurenjade xxxxx
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    my own business

    i am thinking about when i move out to do my own nail bar in the 3rd bedroom but i need to do some nail courses first though.. does anybody know any good site where i can do them at home or online? also when i have done my courses could i go straight into starting up my own business as i am all...
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    Best brand of nail polishes?

    thank you all :) i am going to buy china glaze polishes this weekend when i get the money :) xx
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    Comment by 'laurenjade' in media '26145.jpg'

    oh my god, i love it - how do you do it? x
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    massaging courses

    hi when i turn 18 i am going to be looking into doing a massage course at home but i just wondered if anybody knows the best course i can do at home or online? i guess some of them will cost a bit of money? thanks xxx
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    Best brand of nail polishes?

    hi all. i just wondered if anybody knew what are the best brand of nail polishes around because i was going to get the attitude ones then read on here it isnt all it seems. i am using them for myself - i like any sort of colours as long as they are quite cheap. thanks. xx
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    Comment by 'laurenjade' in media 'Salon 1'

    i love it! looks amazing, super jealous - wish i could have my own business in doing nails etc, but i not 18 yet and no money :/