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  • Hi hun, Lovely to hear from you!! Will have to have a catch up sometime! Im pleased you like my website hun!! you take care xxxx
    thats right, i used to virtually live at the jones' house. ask him does he remember zoe
    thats mad. i do know him and his brother, stephen was yr above and peter was in my class. there were only 4 in my yr so couldnt forget him could i lol
    i know it hun. i grew up in manley up on the common and went manley school. small world aint it lol
    oh hiya. is it ashton as near mouldsworth???? i seem to live at midchesh. how long ago was you there
    spa management, that sounds fab! Will def look into the spray tanning then, must start doing some research! off to do pedicure on my OH now, any excuse to practice, even on his speak soon hun xx
    yeah katie is my educator, she is fab isnt she! went on the mani pedi spa day last week and that was fab too. I have enrolled for college in september, 1 day a week for nvq 2 in beauty so cant wait for that. think i will invest in spray tan soon too to try and get my name out there. i have worked in finance for the last 10 years and after being made redundant decided to take the plunge into this as something i alwas wanted to do, something tells me it will be the best thing i have ever done
    hiya, i'm good thanks, whereabouts are you from? I am from buckley, not too far from chester, quite new to all this but loving salon geek.qualified in l&p approx 1 month ago so trying to build up confidence before i unleash myself on clients. how long have you been in the industry? x
    no problem Laura,
    just give me a call whenever your wishes
    Hiya, thanks for the friendly welcome!!! sure its gonna be a great place to keep up with all the latest nail news, and to get great advise, thanks, ruth x
    Hi Laurz, I nearlly fell over when the postman came today with my scratch. It was just an amazing bootcamp, talk about stretch yourself !!! I kick off this weekend with my CND courses so im Sooo gunner teach the world to CND it. x
    Not long thats why i need to wait first to build my client base who i can take with me once im self employed, thats all a way off yet though. by a fresh challange i would like to find a new salon that can give me wot i want....
    Im in a salon... Want to go self employed at some point though. Thats the only way to make any serious money i think. Not in a mad rush for that to happen though, im happy to keep all my options open. We shall see wot the future brings! Wouldnt mind a fresh challange to be honest....
    Yeh i can believe that.... hence why im on here at 1.25 am to! Lol. Think i need to get out more, na just jokin. So do u have yr own salon? Where u based?
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