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  • hehe you little lurker eh?
    I'm glad you are doing good.
    I'm in the middle of some exciting things (not nails) which is keeping me busy right now. And you will be glad to know I am fully recovered of my other problem and have a gigantic head of hair :lol:
    So things could be worse...
    Lovely to hear from you Elaine...things seems to have changed so much around geek I feel like a spare part most of the time. But it's nice to keep up with things and people xxxx :hug:
    hi it was really nice meeting you on saturday and the salon is fab i am sure it will be a huge success x x x

    Im just about to move to telford in the west midlands - im creative trained, NSI and EZ Flow - am also a Nouveau Contour Permanent Make up technician (I have all the products and equipment ) - am selling my business in Norfolk - please go on www.finishingtouches-thetford.com - Home to look at some of my work - if you are interested I can send you more details.

    heidi godden
    Cool - hope that sounds OK - if you get in touch with him, tell him that I recommended him to you too :)
    Hi Elaine, am OK thanks, if a little rushed off my feet with work and whatnot. Trying to keep my head above water though lol. Hope you are OK too :)
    Ah thanks! Took 6 months of hard graft but was worth it. Just starting to break even now too so all's good! How's things with you?
    Hiya, I'm gd ta. how's you ?
    I'd left my comp on and went to work frgot about clicking off geek lol
    HIya Hun, Hope you dont mind, but can you please let me know wot colours you used on my hair. Am desperate to get it done and I know you're really busy with Uni and stuff xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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