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  • hiya,
    havn't spoken to you in ages lol.
    How's you doing?......nd how's it going with uni?
    ohhh get you...busy with uni ey! SWOT!! TEACHERS PET!! hahahahahahaha
    happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Kisses Kisses Kisses....Elaine!!!!!!!! :hug:
    I have been on a sabbatical but I am back kinda...
    How are you?????
    I have now been pull-free ( a term I learnt lol ) for 11 days is killing me....but I feel I can control it....
    I had to go practically totally bald to reach this stage but whatever gets me there in the end.
    I hope all is going great guns with you funny lady....xxxxxxx
    :hug:Hiya Elaine:hug:
    I'm doping great - lost 3 stone 7.5 lbs!!!!! That makes me a happy bunny!" Looking for 5 stones for this xmas!
    How are you? and what's been going on with you? You know what I mean?!
    I'm gonna ring you up soon - not untill next week, I'll have chance to sit down and chat to you, rushed of my feet this week, busy with work tomoz, shopping in Meadow hall Fri, working Sat, away to Doncaster sunday! What day would be good for you?
    I'm usually so boring! Nowt usually goes on in my neck of the woods!
    Aw hun thanks, I have booked for my first session of crystal healing for next Tuesday, so watch this space.. not sleeping well atm...but I will get there are a star thank you
    Hey you!! Thanks for addy, haven't 'chatted' for ages!! Hope you well, speak soon hopefully xx
    What ever got you so wound up today.. here is a :hug: to let you know I am thinking about you flower xx I hope you are chilled now ..... :hug:
    Hi Elaine

    Hope you are well. Am keeping OK thanks - fairly busy as ever - just finishing off a bit of DIY at the moment to put shelves up in the cupboard above the stairs - what have you been up to?
    I am feeling a lot better now thanks. I was just having a massive downer that day... I get them sometimes. Thank you for messaging me xxxxxx

    How are you doing?
    Yes, I certainly do feel better!
    I must put a before and a 'just now' pic in my gallery. My avatar pic is of me taken 2 days before I started my diet. So need a new piccy!
    Speak soon.
    I'm doing Ok on the diet, had a 'holiday' week last week, so did not get weighed in, but weighed myself this morning, and I've now lost approx 3 stone 2lbs on my scales!!!!!!! Well chuffed! All my clothes are hanging off me though!
    How's you?
    Hiya babes yep things are much much better they have upped the hrt and my mood is good they are just monitoring it atm in case I go into mania. My energy levels are fantastic lol xxxxxxxxx Hope your good hows life treating you mate ?
    I have been going thru my friends list and cant believe there are so many nice geeks who i wasn't friends with!!!
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