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  • Thanx for blog comment hun - its nice to know some people notice when you're not around haha!! Hows things with you - saw ur off to uni well done you! Speak soon
    Rotflmao :lol: I have senior moments all the time. No worries :hug:.

    The story of Monty is soooo sweet. He is a wild little mouse who moved into Rachels coal bunker when she was living next door to where she lives now. I briefly saw Monty and Rach would give me updates. Then for a while she never saw him and thought a cat had got him but then he appeared again.

    When Rach moved next door, lol and behold, Monty followed and set up camp in the rabbit hutch with the rabbit! Apparently the 2 have been cohabiting very well and Monty has met a lady mouse and they had a bonk and now there are Monty babies:green:.

    It's true! I am very attached to Monty now and Rach keeps me up to date with the Monty family goings on. Bless! x
    Hi Elaine - sorry for no reply, bee to Newquay for a week to get nice and wet. Hows you?
    Hi There, thanks for your message, I am plodding along, filing for divorce, it's all very strange but I have to do it to move on. Hope you are keeping well xxxxxxxx
    Glad it wasnt too bad babes Kidney stones can be painful my fil had one a couple of years back but they lasered the little bugger away lol xxxxxxxxx
    you're very welcome, I hope you get seen by the doc soon so that you can either have your mind put at ease or find out what the next move is :hug:
    My Dad is hoping to have a treatment called chemopath, it's the last thing he has to try xxx
    Monty is the mouse that moved into my coal bunker next door over a year ago. He's moved with me lol and had babies!!!!!! The babies are gatecrashing feeding time in the rabbit's hutch! :hug:
    HIya hun, we're all good thanks, how's you lot??? Did you have a good holiday? How's the toes? :hug:
    I'm ok thanks, doing the decorating as we both have a week off - hall stairs, landing, bathroom & loo!!!
    I'm sick of the sight of emulsion & gloss!
    How are you?
    hi ya , im alrite thanks, my mums getting better now after her op and docs have said there confident they have got all the cancer !!! and she doesnt need any chemotherapy things with her are gud at the looking at working in one if the local salons a coupke days a week to boost my income and get some salon experience thats bout it ..i think !! lol ill be on msn later if u fancy a chat ....hope your well ,havnt spoke to u for ages ...hopefully spk to ya later on xxxxx
    thanks for adding me as a friend! was just wondering how you changed all your back ground and colours on your profile? write back xxxx
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