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  • you are very welcome hun! I hope you will feel more upbeat soon and if you ever need to chat don't hesitate to get in touch!
    Elaine babes dont ever keep your thoughts to yourself share them even if via pm or write them down it helps. Hope today is better xxxxxxxxx
    Hi chick...

    I can't pm you back, I think cos of your settings... either pm your email ad or check your settings hun.

    hey, im not too bad thanks, hope u had a gud time and hopefully we can catch up soon, had a lot going on recently but will tell ya all wen i speak to ya , haze xxx
    I wondered when you'd be back just the other day!
    I'm pleased you enjoyed yourself.
    I have lost 2stone 2lbs, then last monday when i weighed in i'd put 3.5lbs back on??? No reason, not been bad, but hey ho, it'll go! She thinks I'm not eating enough!
    Bev xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    You probably won't see this....but I hope you are having a well deserved fantastic time on your holiday....
    Let me know when you are back....lots of love xxxxxxx
    Aw! Have a fabulous holiday Elaine, enjoy and everything.
    Give me a bell when you come home.
    I'll be thinking about you.
    The diets going great btw - lost 1 stone 8lbs on last mondays weigh in!!!

    Big hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks for the b'day greeting !
    I hope your OK. Looking forwardtoyour hols!
    I wishn I wasgoing. xxxxxx
    Hiya Elaine!
    How are you doing hun??
    Not seen you on for awhile, I hope you are doing OK.
    I'm getting on with the diet at last and I've managed to lose 1 stone 5lbs at my last weigh in.
    Speak soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    wel huloo stranger lol
    where you been hiding then???
    get on that msn tonight or you in truble lady hahaha
    Hi Elaine xxx
    I had a fab day, lush lush products.
    They tell me all my knee problems are down to arthritis now ffs! Oh yes, and lose some weight! The usual thing all docs seem to say!
    How are you have have you spoken about the thing you decided to go for?
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