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  • Hello there,

    Sorry again I have just seen your message! I have got the Nail and Beauty Salon in Bowness-on-Windermere! We are very busy indeed at the moment!

    How are you?

    Love Lydia x
    hello :)
    its ok... ive only just seen ur msg too haha.
    I work in a nursing home at the mo n im at college doin level 3, i finish in may :D cant wait !!
    What salon do u work at? x x x
    Yes I do, it is called The Nail and Beauty Salon. It has been very busy lately and this week my husband and I have embarked on a masters course at Lancaster University so it has been a mad week! xxx
    Once you have bought some you will become addicted. Their range of glitters and fancy stuff is second to none. I use Young Nails acrylic and Nail Harmony acrylic and Gelish but all my art stuff is Nfu oh! Their customer service is fab too! xxx
    Thanks for your comments on my photo. Yes I use the YN liquid with the Nfu oh powder. I used one of the Nfu oh foundation powders but you can get the same results from using the Milk White from the Diamond Glitter Neon collection. I use the fine glitter. The tip is made of clear acrylic with a few coloured drops in and using white powder you shape it into a thin sausage and then flatten it, then you sort of slip your brush underneath and bring it up on one side and then a bit lower down on the other side to make it look as if it is a twisted ribbon. This gives the 3d effect. Top it off with clear acrylic, finish and top coat. That probably isn't a very good description but have a play! xxx
    aw sounds like you need a bit of a :hug: Chin up hun, we all get some clients that have mega lifting probs and for some reason it's always our mum!
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