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  • Ok thanks anyway.........I thought I had read somewhere that you did! Do you know anyone in your area or Penarth that does Brisa? I can't find anyone grrr lol
    Hi there, I am looking for someone in the Cardiff area to share a client with that lives party here in spain and partly there. Do you use Brisa and have any space if I were to give her your details?? Many thanks, Naomi x
    Well chikadee thats fab news - hope you have a great Christmas break too!
    Maybe you could just do baby boys toe nails when no one is looking!!!!hhheehhe!!!
    Yeh salons going great - dont stop laughing the whole time Im there buffing like a bastard!!!
    Hope you've been a good girl this year so Santa brings you lots of goodies!
    Well - keep me posted hun - you'll probably be on here all the time when you've got bog all else to do over the hols!! Just joking - you'll be way too busy being a new aunty xx hope all goes well happy crimbo and new year to you babes & if you cant be good be careful ok! xxxxx
    Hey you just to catch up babes how ya doing?
    Salon going gr8 guns - few issues with the local beauty salons who are all desperate to know who I am and how and what I do but I spose thats all part of the game mate aint it??!!!!
    Whats the story with you chik? Hope unis going ok and your definatel getting closer to being an aunty - think it'll be a likkl girl 4 sure!!!!
    Someone else to play nails with!!!
    Ok hun off to drink wine now so b in touch soon
    Big hug 2 u
    Jayneym xxxxx
    God mate - they change this soddin website every time I go on here! I'd only just got the friggin hang of it then they soddin change it!!
    Anyway hows uni going?
    Just been offered a room in a hairsalon so I'm gonna get some work outside of home which will be a nice change for me! God out in the big wide world talking to grown ups AND in a hair salon so I'll be a different colour every week(god help my poor hair AND my hubby he wont know whats hit him!!) Keep you posted chik!!
    Jayneym xxx
    Hi chik - havent been online in ages babes - sorry I didnt get your message till just now!!!
    OMG art college - WOW!!! You go girl - dont totally give up on the nails though will you?
    So your not working in town now?
    Which college/uni u going to ? Bet your loving it large rnt u?!
    Fantastic news anyway darlin - what else u been up to ( if uve had any time that is??!!!)
    I'm on an artistic mission meself!!
    Trying to organise a trip to London Ink to get an f off work of art done on me back to cover a not so f off one thats already there!!
    Going to go for Japanese type work so will keep you posted babes!!
    Yeh - I know - I'm barking!!
    Ah well not much hope left really when your over 40 !!!
    Stay in touch anyway babes and all the luck in the world to you xxxxx
    Well hello there how the devil are you?!!!
    Had a fab time christmas /new year - took the kids skiing ( god that makes me sound well posh dunnit!!?) and really enjoyed doing nothing! Ows about you chikpea?
    What you bin up to?
    hey you know them valentine nails you did?? well can u please let me know how you did that clear heart...i read what you wrote to someone esle ...but dont understand lol im dumb!
    Hey you chick - havent been online for a while but just happened to come across your piccies in the gallery today!
    You've been a busy girlie - did you do them on yourself cos last time I saw you , you were bare arse naked !!!?
    They're lush anyway!
    Hope all is going good - will catch up with you again soon hopefully - havent had time to spit for the last week or so!
    Nails are still all present and correct - just did an infill today actually!
    Will be in touch soon darling - keep me posted on the goss!!
    lol jayneym xxxx
    Hi Hun,

    Thanx for the info on my post. Out of interest how do you guys go about doing this tip resin bussines as im quite keen on offering this in my salon as an alternative to l&p. My client said this is all her reg salon does & they are very popular. she was wearing white tips & 3/4 layers of pure resin.

    Chase xx
    I trained with Tracey Leja at the CND academy in Essex but I believe it has since moved, I'm not even sure if Tracey trains with CND anymore! Your best bet is to find the academy number and phone them :)
    hope you dont mind me sending message, could you tell me where you trained in nails please?

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