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  • ooooo hun, i have just popped here for nosey ..
    and noticed the first pic on your friends list is mrs geek..with her jessica rabbit pic.......your profile pic and her avator are almost identical lol...
    you wanna be well proud of those babies :D

    ~emms go's off feeling jealous that she has no boobs ~ lmao xxxxx:hug:
    happy birthday babe. Sorry its late but I havn't been able to connect to the internet for nearly a week............ love ya xxx
    Oi its me again!!!!!
    managed to get some photties on my gallery - waddaya think??!!!
    Not too good a shot of the lipsticks but it was my first go - she's a fun babe ( I rekon she's a bit kinky too !!!!hhhheehhhhee !!!) but I'll get some shots of her next set when she's back in a few weeks - maybe try the Laboutin Manicure !
    Keep u posted!! BBBYYYYYEEEEE xxxx
    Hi there chikadee!!
    ?Hope you had a fannytantastic birthday darling!
    Did you get to excel??
    Need the gossip darling asap!!!!
    Give us a shout when ur free - c u soon hunny
    take care jayneym xxxx
    u r lush babes - no probs just let me know!
    Hope you have the most fabulous of bdays darling- enjoy - I'm sooo sure you will!!!!
    Big birthday hug from Jayneym xxxxx catcha soon xxx
    They're LUSH - BBBUUUUTTT !!!!!! will need some TLC off Aunty Laystar when she gets time!!!
    If you can fit me in for a r/b I'll let you do whatever you want - PROMISE !!
    Anyway chick hope your fine n dandy - didnt ask my mate if she knew your hunk cos I havent seen her for a while. Let me know when you get some free time and if you fancy I'll come and fetch you and you can come on an expedition to Efail Isaf !
    Could be fun!! Let me know chikadee - catcha soon
    Jayneym xxx
    Hello darlin! how ya doing?
    Just thought I'd let you know my nails are still hanging in there and looking good!
    hope you've had a good weekend - catcha soon jayneym xx
    That skirt is seriously fab huni............ its a must have in my book. You got just the right curve for this one xxxx Or a fab hiney as they would say in the states....
    OOh Im really looking forward to this, no probs at it being later, all the better for me too actually but yeah I still so wanna do it!
    I been looking at the pasties too, lmao!
    I also been looking at the HUGE ostrich feather dance fans but they mega bucks.
    Have bought some big ostrich feathers with the idea of attempting to make one... yeah you read that right but dont hold your breath that youll ever see the final cut, pmsl!!!

    Big hugs .xxx... and keep that corset clean! ;-))
    Heeeeeey, ello pretty Chicha,
    Dont forget our 'date'... we need to sort one.
    Look forward to seeing you at the show xxxx
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