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    Do I need additional qualifications to offer gel extensions?

    I would ask Hazel or your Educator. I would have thought when using Akzentz hard gels, overlays and extensions are included in the course. I use Akzéntz Akzéntz Luxio Gel polish but if I wanted to use the hard gel, I'd have to do the course and would assume it covers overlays and extensions...
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    E files

    Kupa Mani Pro Passport
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    Question about onycholysis

    The best advice is to keep the nail short, so that the nail reattaches to the nail bed. Apply your oil at least twice per day and also apply under the free edge. You can still apply polish or Gel. It'll be fine in a couple of weeks as it doesn't sound bad at all.
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    e-File training

    I would definitely recommend a class efile course. It's pretty scary the first and having someone there guiding you is best. Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy has educators across UK and I also have trained with The Nail Team who do courses too, across the UK. Good luck.
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    E-file suppliers UK?

    Salon Services sell them. The trainer for these efiles is Hazel Dixon Nail Academy too. I got mine on a VAT free offer, so make sure you have a code.
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    Starter wax kits advice

    You'd be better trying what the college has and start by getting some wax to try. The college's are not known to use particularly great stuff and will probably cause you more hassle than going for a good brand which is hypo allergic. I've used Australian Body Care, Susan Molyneux, Perron...
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    Brow courses

    I'd recommend the HD Brow course. I realise it's too expensive for you but I've found it very worthwhile. They use strip wax and have their own tints to use that you blend to customise the colour for your client.
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    Best hard wax products (UK)

    Try Waxperts, it's lavender based and melts at a lower temperature and less redness on client afterwards. They do a hot and Strip wax. I love it and have been using for three years.
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    CND training - what do I need?

    Think about your desk and how you would have it laid out. Desk lamp Towels Menda Pumps for your Scrubfresh, Dsperse, Nourishing Remover, Nail Polish Remover, Soapy Water Couch roll Glass for your Barbacide Lint Free Wipes L&P Brush & Nail Art Brushes Etc, etc. I hope this helps but maybe just...
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    CND training - what do I need?

    Normal tools of the trade would be your cuticle pushie and cuticle nippers. I assume you'll get products in your kit for the course. If you don't have a note regarding your kit, you could phone and double check with Sweet Squared, who I assume you're training with.
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    Nail extension training in Scotland?

    CND also train in Inverness.
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    White spots after Brazilian wax

    I've had this in the past and I use Savlon cream and it makes a huge difference.
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    Best response for waxing grazes

    Just ensure your consultation card is checked at each appointment. I grazed myself and thinking about it, it's because I've been sing Vitamin A cream. I'm sure this is the reason
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Love these, what products have you used?
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    These look better in real life than in the photo. Naked Nievite and Whiteout Additive.