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    Skin - dead layer, living layer

    The stratum germinativum & the stratum spinosum are the living layers of the epidermis x
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    Lash adhesive

    oops i mean lash base!
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    Lash adhesive

    Thank you for your replies, can I just ask do you use the lashes from lashes base? xx
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    Lash adhesive

    Hi Everyone! I just wondered if anyone has tried or uses the lash adhesive from Secret Lashes, is it any good? Im looking for a good adhesive that's not to expensive. xx:)
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    Monday Promotions...

    I am trying to think of ways to gain more clients on a Monday. I just wondered what promotions all you geeks are currently running and if these are having an impact on your business. I would be very grateful for all of your ideas. :)
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    Eyelash extensions - bloodshot eye

    I always get a blood shot eye after I have my lashes done. I think it's just the fumes and the fact that I cant seem to keep my eyes closed properly for the whole treatment. Mine usually goes dont after a good few day then all is fine. I dont think this is anything that you have done xx
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    New business

    I have also gained quite a few clients from advertising on netmums :)
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    Calling all Nail Professionals, companies, teachers! Advice needed please!

    Hey We delivered the Level 3 Nail services for the first time this year, and it went really well. If you would like any help or even exchange ideas just let me know. :) Leah
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    Beauty Therapy NVQ's revised content???

    There are lots of different level 3 routes that you can take. For example, the traditional route, there is also a massage route and nail route. So dont let electrical treatments put you all off. Spray tanning is also in the new standards from september, as well as microdermabrasion. So the...
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    Anyone an NVQ Assessor?

    Hey I'm an NVQ Assessor, I completed my A1 assessors award! Its not that bad, just lots of paper chasing really xx
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    Tanning solution

    I ordered the deal yesterday and I cant wait for it to arrive, Im so excited!!!! xx:)
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    Tanning solution

    Hi I was just wondering which one the LA tan solutions you seem to use the most of? 8, 10, 12 or gold? What is the gold like? xxx
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    Level 2 NVQ Waxing

    Hot wax is currently not in the standards for Bt6, but will be from next year when the standards change. :)
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    Thanks for your help guys!! Ill be ordering probably the T200 today then, woo hoo!!!! xxx:)
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    Hey Geeks Well I have at last made up my mind taht I am going to use Tantricks but im still unsure what machine to get!! mmmm...... Should I get the Minimist T200, TanPro850 or the MaxiMist HV5008? Quite like the look of the TanPro, just wondered what everyones thoughts were on this machine...