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    Best toner for bleach highlights

    I tend to use a wella koleston 10/1 and 10/8 with 6% love it :-)
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    College have said that the assessments done on each other may not be valid?

    Hi, my college changes the rules all the time but we are not allowed to work on students in our group I'm a level 3 and sometimes the level 2s will ask if they can use us and we trade with them we let them do their assesments on us then they come in for us to have things done. But we do have...
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    NVQ 3 - is it worth it and how does it work?

    Hi I'm currently doing my level 3 but mines vrq and not nvq as I do full time well they call it full time it's 2 and a half days a week and yeah it drives me mad sometimes that I'm bk at college at the age of 29 but I have learnt a lot like Colour placement Colour correction several different...
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    Trying to get a silver colour

    Thanks il have to try that with 2pairs of gloves I'm allergic to goldwell so I normally try sticking with wella but il give this a go :-)
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    Trying to get a silver colour

    Hi people I'm a vrq level 3 student and I have a competition coming up to try get threw the next round of world skills and I really want a silver iv seen it on a pic so if anyone had any suggestions it would rally help as I'm playing around trying to get it at min and help would be great thank u
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    Full head bleach wanting to tone down to softer blonde

    I'm no pro with colour I'm a level 3 student but I like to tone with wella koleston 10/1 + 10/8 and 6% x
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    Advice on making a silver colour

    Hi I'm currently training in level 3 vrq and I have a cut colour finish competition coming up and I really want a silver does anyone have any tips or suggestions on a good way to get this colour thanks x