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    Risk assessment help

    I'm about to start my own business and will be mobile. I'm aware of doing a COVID-19 risk assessment but do I also need to do a standard one? If I do could you let me know of what to put in it as I can't find any templates online and not sure how I can do a risk assessment based on someones...
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    Instagram - please follow

    @11.11.nails (I've just started & will follow back)
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    Mobile PPE & money

    Yeah that's what I was thinking as well! Or they wont be honest if anyone else in the household has been poorly. It's going to be so tough. I'm going to have to learn to be a bit harsher in the next few weeks I think which is out of character for me lol
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    UV lamp question

    Yeah I wouldn't use a non branded lamp on clients just for testing purposes really! Thank you
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    Mobile PPE & money

    Fab! Thanks so much I was looking on the internet and wasnt sure if I was missing anything so glad it actually hasnt come out yet lol I'm so worried a client will say they will wear a mask but then refuse on the day and I've got this awkward situation in their home but I guess that's my...
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    Mobile PPE & money

    For those who are mobile... - What PPE will you be offering clients/wearing yourself? & - How are you going about payments? Are you still taking cash or will you be going contactless by bank transfer, paypal or getting a card reader like sum up or similar?
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    UV lamp question

    I'm wanting to try a new gel brand however I dont really want to buy their lamp incase I dont like the gel polish (I feel like it would get super expensive any time I want to test a new brand!) I've looked at the specs of their lamp and mine is exactly the same (48w UV/LED) Would this be okay...