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  • Hello,

    Long time no talk!! Things are quite slow at the minute I havent really being pushing things either though because of a few things really mainly though i got into a relationship, which is going grand almost a year now and i was just finding working full time and then doing the mobile on top of things hard just trying to fit in my son, new relationship and everything else... So i have stopped advertising mobile and have just been doing shellac and tans on my few regulars (mainly friends) with the odd massage thrown in. Im hoping to scrape together enough cash in the new year to build a little cabinroom in my backgarden just big enough for my bed for massage and a little nail table. My tent is pop up so if ive tans on i can just shut down the table. So my uncle has drawn up a little plan and now im just waiting to get the spondoolags together!!

    What about you? Werent you opening a day spa? or am i dreaming? I hope your doing well! its hard going in these times aint it!
    Hi, I've just found your post asking for a beauty tutor. Firstly is the post still open and if so what would the hours be? Clearly if you look at my profile I'm not in Dublin, but I am prepaired to commute if it's possible.
    Any chance of you uploading a few pics of your new Salon?... I'm dying to see what it looks like.. go on.. post a few pics puurrlleeeeaaaseee!!!!
    Hi Lenna.
    Can I have the info on when Kim is coming to Ireland in Sept and how I can book a place on her courses? Do you have the info on what each course entails? I just would like to know what Speed waxing is about. That would be great. Thanks,


    Havent seen you about the boards for a while, hope your doing ok and that things are going well for you!
    Hi Lenna,
    I hope u dont mind just have a question for you.
    Have you any idea when ITEC and CIBTAC send out results its over 6 weeks now since we done the CIBTAC and just over 4 since ITEC my head is wrecked waiting.
    Someone has told me that the college already has the results but they finished up now?????? So how long does it take once they get the results for them to send them out??
    Sorry to annoy you
    Hi Lenna. I was only thinking about you today. How are you???? Salon going well?

    I only accept email on here now as I get so many.

    Hope to chat soon. Tell me all the goss. xxx
    hi lenna, can you tell me when kim lawless is coming next to ireland to do advanced waxing course. especially cork.. thanks lizzie
    Sorry Lenna its me again bugging you.
    Can you answer a quick question please?
    For the case studies your patch test form the products have a negative reaction but when you do the thermal and tactile test are they positive?

    Just had a nosy at your profile and can only reiterate what An*Gel said...."I'm dead impressed!!! x
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