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  • Thank you for the rep leonnib .... rather a Grey area though ;) .... hard to come across sometimes.... without sounding mean though IYKWIM :) x minky
    Kay's hair is short now, she's saving up to have extensions, and I gave up on long hair about 4 years ago, it's so thick it takes hours to dry etc when it's long.
    Hi your inbox is full babes :) x minky
    Hi leonnib from what I have actully seen ... it is slightly thicker than that very fine indian hair .... its very good , its darker in colour with sort of fluffier apperance and wave , good for producing lightweight volume in hair , but I suppose evey hank of hair will have small differences
    its nice and lightweight too , hth minky http://www.salongeek.com/../images/smilies/icon_smile.gif
    hi catsaremad..!! hope ur wellx
    i got the nno yesterday and its exactly what i wanted.. it feels just like when i had my tips.. i have 2 tips on though as i went bowling and my tips ripped off.. so had to get tips on those nails as my whole nails ripped off with it (me and my smart ideas lol)
    thnks alot i have no clue when it comes to nails
    Hi chick, well lets put it this way she is the bleach queen, never whears gloves, hands in and out of water all the time, takes no care of them lol.............shes coming up to two weeks wear with no problems !!!! When you get your nails done tell the technician that you would like a natrual nail overlay. You should be able to choose whether you have a one colour overlay, a permenent french overlay (pink and white) or whether you have some funky french (glitters etc !!) Whats the name/place of your salon and I will see if they have a website !!!
    Oooh that sounds good , let me know how it goes on ? I love desperate Housewives too, I agree we sometimes can get a bit too addicted to the computer , Wow hasn't that gone over really fast :eek: 4 months where does time go :) x minky
    Hiya leonnib I hope you are doing ok , how are your beautiful babies ? x x x x :) x minky
    oh great, thanks, Ive had quite a few recommendations now for that site. Have you got an email for them? im having trouble with their site! thanks
    what hair extensions do you use and where do you get them from? whats the quality like? thanks
    Hi leonnib , all three boys and my baby girl are all home from uni for Christmas
    so its lively :) lol .... what about you ? you all staying at home with the babes ?
    well it's officially Christmas day now ...... so happy Christmas to you :hug: x
    Hi , some good days some sad days but doing ok I guess :) how are your babes ? Ps happy Christmas to you all :hug: x x x x
    Hiya Leonnib I am ok but had lots of migraines lately , so havent been on much ,
    just cant seem to shake it off ,
    must be stress or computer related lol x but anyways ...... how are you and your lovely babies ? bet your little boy is so happy with his lovely new baby sister :) x x x x
    Hi hun just logged on and WOWE "congrats to you and your family" I hope your mum wiped the floor with the hospital disgraceful. But well done you!, pics are beautiful. xxxx
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