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    CND Shellac advice needed

    Really good advise from you ladies..I always say to the client avoid placing your hands in water for 1 hour, even to wash just makes them think a little about what they do after treatment. Good luck, it's a useful ,trusted brand
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    Ink London application

    If you email and register your details to Ink via their website Ink London will allow you access to the application procedure. Fab products. Good luck
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    Brands and courses

    CND (Sweetsquared) offer fantastic training and after the back up is second to none. I use lots of brands but the client favours the best quality and being the only company that can call their product Shellac - says alot.
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    Looked good to me, however my insurance company wants me to complete a days acredited course to...

    Looked good to me, however my insurance company wants me to complete a days acredited course to endorse protocols which is fair enough. Makes the initial cost of actual product at Professional Beauty look expensive now.
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    Footsie spa liners?

    Yes I have seen them on Amazon.. Good luck
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    Wax One vs Lycon?

    I too love Wax One..I get through Sweetsquared who are very supportive and offer great conversion lasts for ages as goes on thinly and smells lovely.Had few clients who have received waxing for years remark no ingrowing hairs on bikini treatments too.
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    Client consultation forms

    Your insurance company may have a template of forms you can use on file. On with BABTAC/Balens whose forms I use.
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    Mobile pedicure process?

    Get yourself a small fold away footstep to sit on facing client. Places like home bargains or B&Q do them under £10. I carry mine around in a trolley and it has been really useful
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    Ink London

    I have to agree. I've been a CND & OPI user but saw Ink at Professional Beauty and the gel polish is fab.Easy to remove and lovely colours. You won't be sorry and the people there are very helpful. Best of luck.x
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    Looking for room to rent with sink, Kent

    Hi there, worth contacting the local authority to the area you find before you commit as the licence fees vary xx
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    Which gel polish?

    I've been using CND and have to agree Ink London is fantastic..great price too and really easy to remove x
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    Buying CND Shellac?

    Hello...only one genuine distributer here & that's Sweetsquared..
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    How to stop cats using my garden as a toilet?

    Yeah the Jayes is great stuff Best of luck lovely..not very nice for you
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    How to stop cats using my garden as a toilet?

    A client gave me a great tip Cats hate the smell and aroma of Tea Tree oil..if you place a few drops regularly in a container water it keeps them away. I used it indoors when I got new furniture and it worked for me..good luck.
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    Does age get in the way

    I started training on my 40th birthday and at 43 managed two skin clinics then left after 6 years. Now at 54 I'm building a mobile business, part time, and am enjoying it all. It's one of the rare industry's that avoids ageism. Best of luck hun, you go for it x