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    Skincare product recommendations?

    Yes it’s there policy, I stocked it in my salon some years ago and they closed my account because they only wanted to supply large accounts , they then bought back all my stock at 20./. Less than I had paid for it !!
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    Anyone else almost done with this industry? Thanks Covid

    I sadly know how your feeling I’ve had my business for 37yrs!!! Been through a few recessions but nothing like this , it’s sole destroying seeing everything you’ve worked so hard for slipping away. I agree clients just don’t seam bothered and it’s been too long now that they can manage without...
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    Best coloured builder gel

    Hi everyone,we've been using shellac for some years now and although most of our clients love it we need something far stronger and are looking at the new builder gels.We want to be able to do extensions as well as using the product on a natural nail,but would like a range that offers coloured...