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  • Hi liana, I saw you commented on someone's thread agesssss ago saying you would help as much as you could with clynol tonal values, I'm using wella ATM but desperately looking for someone who will help me to understand the basics of clynol tones/ mixing ratios, any help will be much appreciated, thanks, Carissa x
    Hello Liana, sorry I misspelled your name yesterday.
    And also sorry to bother, but I can see nobody is willing to answer my question and I really need advice on that. As I asked is it ok, to use Majirel lightest ash blond with 12% L'oreal Oxydant cream or am I risking a result of having all of my hair going green or falling out :) ? As on the instruction it clearly says use Majirel with 9% Cream Oxydant maximum.
    If it is not a problem for you can you please help me with that?
    Many thanks in advance.
    awww thanks, awww no that sucks hahaha, i did mine part time work based so it was a case of do it as fast as u can as long as it in two years, so i flew throo it. . . it feels great to have it all done. . . YAYYYY hahahaha x
    Hey , no worries, you knew a lot more about it than I did , it makes really good sense
    to use the overlap on darker bases, quite brilliant really for darker heads of hair.
    just that I am a golden oldie and remember as a child when she anounced it to an army of blokes on television
    pretty typical hey lols x , plus there was a lot of press coverage about it ? she was a most lovable loon wasnt she ? x lol x
    Love the Marylin Munro advice , I remember her anouncing on television many moons ago
    that she had gone two shades lighter to a host of army guys I think lols x
    Hiya ,you really do give some really good hairdressing advice out
    x minky :hug: x
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