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  • First Happy Birthday hun:hug:
    Second I am sorry that the girl isn't paying any attention to your fantastic advice! I am a little confused as to what her problem is:lol:
    hehe.....i'd have seriously injured myself with one of them a mechanic????? i somehow dont think theyd last that long eh.....but the stick he'd get may last
    thanks...i was looking for ages for it when i see that youd posted it....i thought i recognised your pic, lol....i was feeling a bit shy when i first got there....was on first name terms with everyone by the time i was there nearly all day in the end.....must say tho the look on your other halfs face when he'd finished was a picture...hehehe!!!
    hi ya....i think i watched ant do ur nail at excel....did you have stilleto in a bronzy colour with holes in....i cant fnd ur pic!!
    its at ncn college in hucknall... i have to do make and nails the nails gonna be some thing the same time must match the dress and the accessory's....the show will start at 19.00 i would say 13.00 or till the way Ive got a very nice red dress...!!
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