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  • hello! firstly id like to say WOW!! i think your nails are all sooo beautiful wish i had a nail tech near me like you who offered as much!
    Your salon room is lovely tooo im looking for inspiration for when i move and able to do a room up for myself :) and the colour scheme you have is just what ive had in mind so its nice to see it actually in pictures :)

    I done my retention+ foundation course in l&p with creative in sept last yr which i really enjoyed now looking at the art courses which EN provide.. thats how i come across your profile as i see you have done the air brush one!
    How did you find the course and company? would you recommend?
    :) xx louisa
    hey hun im fine thanks :) my hairdressing is going well not heard about my interviews for massage or nails yet :sad: hope they come soon

    Aw thas brill hun did you say that included eyelash extensions, not been upto much really, not been doin too many nails, just family an friends, need to get insurance but cant afford it at mo, so dont want to do too many people til im insured x
    aww right lol, i have just ordered the airbrushing course with essential nails, it comes with a free spray tanning set, do you do much airbrushing? x
    aww yeah that would be good, id be afraid of poking someone in the eye lol! thought abot spray tannin? x
    Aww thank u, at lest my nails are not falling off after a few days anymore lol, just need to try an get as many clients as i can now, hows things with u?
    hey hunny finally got laptop fixed, uploaded some pics of nails i have been doing let me know what u think x
    ye im good thanks, we have decided to wait til after the hol as we cant afford it at the mo,an my bf is on about goin in the raf, so it might jus be me n my sis movin out x
    hiya hun how ru? havent spoke for awhile, work going ok?Things stil bit hectic here, have done some more nails stil waitin for laptop to get fixed x
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