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  • hello, yeah i cant wait to start getting paying customers! the moment my 3rd bedroom is getting a makeover lol im turning it into a home salon. ive been going to a beauty academy too getting trained as a beauty therapist, so not long now til ive finished.......r u still finding it quite busy? x
    Hi hun how r u?, have to tell some one that i just got my results back and i passed with a credit in maintanence and acrylic!!! sooo happy lol x
    ye im gud thanks,my sis has just moved bak down wiv us cus her an her bf hav split upso me, my bf and my sis are looking to move out as theres no room at my parents and my sis cant afford tomove by herself,all a bit madat the mo, nah just done my auntys nails,and doing a friends thurs and my cousins on sat, oh an did my sisters nails sat lol, shes training to be a nail tech too,but has had to leave college cause of the split x
    hiya, yeah im going to the show on sunday. great that ur busy!, i cant wait till i start getting customers. ive recently passed my manicure/pedicure and facial courses at a beauty academy!. so i cant wait to get started doining these too x
    just been busy with college and trying to sort out courses for myself...i think im going to pay for the VTCT level 2 nail services through college but still wantin g to do the beauty level 2 VTCT soooo its not a deffo decision as of yet but im trying to think what i would make more money out of and i dont really want to do the waxing part and eye brow tinting or eyelash perming from the beauty side so i were thinking if i do the nail services then convert on to a different system when im qualified then do individual beauty courses like make-up, facials etc... what you think?


    P.S: sorry this is so long! lol
    hey hun how are you? havent spoke in a while your new nail pics look really good!!! if only i lived closer lol

    dont wear yourself out hun lol
    i am fine thanks i got a client 2 clients in on friday yipppeee.
    thanks were not sure if i like them.
    i did my nails sat, did purple and silver glitter tips, but can't upload the pics tillaptop is fixed,dont know how to do it on my dads or bfs comp! doing my auntys nails tomorrow,ijust hope her nails arent like my mums,cus i had a look at my mums lasnite and they are really wide and flat and none of my tips fit very well x
    Awww busy? thats good then,extra money eh? ye im jus so glad i have done finally done it lol x
    Hey hun u ok? my laptop power cable has broke, so have no laptop at mo :( using my dads comp, its so slow. Just thought id let u know i got my results back, and i passed, got a credit! so happy x
    Yeah i found that and i did put a post about it, they said to either file them down carefully when you place them on the nail or to stick a bit of blue tack onto a pencil and file them down .I have done the second and then they were a lot easier to use.
    haha aww brilliant yeah im goin out nex wkend for my friends 21st, i cant wait, i have got the weekend off work so should be nice, wel av a brilliant time an dnt get too drunk haaha
    yeah im good thanks just trying to fin my nails to resubmit them. oohh excitin, what time u goin out? x
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