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  • Thanks for the friendship request!! I love the valentine nails you've done xXx Very nice indeed :hug:
    They have some lovely designs i wanna get some flowers and im loving butterflies too ive been looking here at some C. A. Therien Polymer Clay Arts xx
    Your more than welcome hun im thinking of getting some of them canes i have some snowflake ones but found them a nightmare with gel so gonna have ago with acrylic xx
    yeah not too bad, had a meeting with my store manager an area manager lasnite, their gona train me up as a duty manager, more money which is good! aint gt many hours this week, don my mates nails again today,guna use the nsi, but wil have to use the trial kits cus it has the proper builder with it, u reckon theres enough in the pot to do all her nails?
    Hi can i ask did i tell you where i got the canes from ? just been looking thought messages and saw your message and cant remember if i answered?
    your inbox is full hun!
    for your glitters is there certain places u get the from? or is it just anywhere? i wana get some nice colourful glitters.
    Yeah it went ok i think, she said i did a good job. I used pro impression white tips, and she wanted the dream gel cause its got a pink tinge to it, an then used nsi finish clear over the top, am i allowed to do that? lol i did some nail art aswel x
    Oh no hope he gets better. Yeah were meant to be getting more tomorrow i thik. I did my riens nails today, i forgot to bring my camera with me, so annoying!
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