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  • Hi there, sorry for late reply sweetie, I always use the app, today I'm on the laptop and saw this, hope you are well xx
    Hi Lila, I don't mind at all. Thank you for posting about the clips, really looking forward to seeing if they work and if they will help improve soak-off. Can't wait to see the colours too, but I'll probably have to wait until Professional Beauty North to see them in person.x
    I think a cold is one of the worst things to try and shake off. Hope you have a lovely weekend gorgeous, I don't know if you are an X factor fan but I am and looking forward to it this weekend. Love looking at the hair and make up and the clothes xxx
    Aw no Lila hope you are feeling better now hun. It's really Autumn out now. I have to say I love it, the smell of fires and the golden leaves. Have a great day, lots of love xxxxx
    Hi lila, i was in Richmond yesterday, we were traveling back from Northumberland, i only just noticed you live there! Lovely town. Xx
    Just seen your post on my wall Lila!! I'm usually on my phone and you cannot view it. You deserve the �� - you give good advise and replys. Lauren
    That's great news I'm really pleased your back in heels x I'm ok I'm trying mindful meditation !!!!! Obviously still with a shed load of drugs but I will give anything a go x
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