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    Thank you and have a lovely New Year x
    Hey there =D I just wanted to pop by to say thank you for your kind words and to answer your questions about the scalloped nails.
    I did them using a large dotting tool, on natural nails in simple nail polish. I got the idea from this blog: Nailed! – Just another nail blog. but I just found this tutorial: Chalkboard Nails
    Go on give it a go, it's so pretty on the nail :hug:
    It's definitly an up bottie site ( I like that phrase !) it's very biased towards a certain person and company, I'l continue to pee them off by saying my bit tho ! X
    ive given up saying anything to be honest ... too many people seem to want to knock things or up peoples botties shall we say and too worried about putting their point over because of of others here ... its a great site but has changed a bit since i joined ... not many left here or visible or commenting because of this ... i like the fact we can now "like" posts/comments and its good to see others agreeing without having to be worried of writing something to agree and getting knocked for it ... well done kx
    hi no sorry not got it yet, i only started my gelish collection mid november so only got 19 at the moment and there all on here. As soon as i get more i will post pics the chart pics on NH arent very good the is better tho. x
    Hi ! Yes the primer is working hurray ! It seem to be working on my mum to and she has real probs with her nails because of health issues ( and she's a picker !) Have you tried yet ?
    Just wondered how you are getting on with avoiding lifting on the free edge with bio? Did the primer work? Would be really interested as I find my own never last as long as clients and it is not a 5 min job to redo them :o) x
    hiya lily, i am wanting to train in nail enhancments but cant deside which company to go with. i noticed you have trained with a few of the companies i am intrested in so, can i pick your brains? do you have any preferences? is so why? do you prefer gel to l&p?
    i hope you dont mind me asking you.
    Gemma xxx
    Bio have recently released 2 new gels....Flexi-gel and UV gel. Flexi-gel is a more flexible version of S-gel, and UV is a high shine top coat (no strength at all - like sealer only thinner and higher shine). Sculpture gel is the older gel we used for Free Edge's before FE gel was released, but it builds wonderfully and is a great base gel, so many of use still use it under colour for structure.

    The Bio manual will undubtedly be updated to reflect the new gels but until then, no there isn't realy anywhere to 'read up'. I will try and do a sheet this week and post it as a tutorial, if that helps! I have recently posted on use of Exec Base, so you may find that useful.

    Thanks for the comments on my daughter....I'm very proud of her as she is very special to me! I often post a few pictures here as many geeks like to see her. She went through an awful battle for her life when she was born, and many of them were so wonderfully supportive to us during that time, and have adopted her to become geeky aunties! (The whole story is back in my blog somewhere!)

    Good luck with Bio....happy to help if I can x
    Hi lilly!! Sorry my delay, I haven't visit here for few weeks...thanks for you'r liking my nails :) mostly I use Odyssey's glitters but also some (other brands) loose glitters :)
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