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  • Hiya Im doing the ezflow conversion on the 8th. With Georgie right?
    See you there!! x
    colour match gel is a range of gels that have a polish that matches with them. not sure if they have them in u.k, we did have but they didnt seem all that popular, a bit before their time i think.
    i could do a refresher course in acrylic for you or there might be someone nearer your area. i think we could cover a lot in a 1 day one to one session and then if you felt you needed more we could add another day later on.
    I'm good thanks, apart from spending the last 2 hrs on my nails, bit like a busmans holiday ! you ok ? xx
    Hi. If you ring Le Chat they'l tell you is your nearest educator. I have no idea what the permalink is ! x
    Hi, sorry not to have answered sooner, have been off work with a really bad cold. I live on the edge of Stevenage at Fishers Green. Do you know of a Le Chat educator near me ? Sorry to be such a dummy, but what is the permalink box for on visitor messages? do you know?
    Thanks again Sue
    i spoke to hq today and it looks like the date will be 28th feb/1st march. i need to see whats available at the venue first. i think we might have a playday with demos and hands on trials on the saturday and then a class for 3d work using the lechat colour acrylics on the following day.
    Thanks for the info, I am hoping to go on the "play day" if it doesn't clash with the conversion course I am doing with Ezflow (L&P). Although I used Creative on my NVQ I really haven't done much other than gel for some time but want to do more. Where about in Herts are you?
    ya it is 18pounds but its cos the list price in uk is 26pounds i cant get it cheaper then that so you lucky.
    good luck for christmas i hop eyou make lots new clients i now recently opened a spa in one the hotels which is such good luck on my part i put the tender in ages ago and did crtweels when i got it. but it is def hard work i tell you!! keep well and have a happy christmas
    lilly girl friend how you keeping. Remember when i was in london i said i would get back to you about calgel. Well i can get them at good prices in south africa cos its where its made. 4g sells for 18pounds, 10g for 30pounds and 25g 59pounds and its natural and colours available except they close from 20dec till the 24jan my supplier going overseas on holiday. email me if you want to order i can send you paypal invoice or check ebay under calgel it listed under my name marvellousmlie
    yes, ocean view is like that.
    the parrot nails can be seen by going to this site BeautyTech Beauty Professionals Networking on the Net- for the Nail Tech, Salon and Day Spa Owner, Cosmetologist, Esthetician
    at the top left of the page there will be a link to 'strut your stuff' and when you get to that page there is a heading with 'winners' and you need to click on and scroll down a lot and you will see the nails there. 1st place mixed media senior.
    welll, i always thought the same as you before i started with lechat. wiping off the sticky layer really improves the controlability of the white application and acheives a really good smile line. and i can confirm that there is never a problem with doing it that way
    HELLO ive noticed u no about hair as you have ticked the box hair geek......well i was wondering if you could help me with a question its for my assignment at college.............the question is:


    i have tried researching it but i couldnt find anything :( please help xxx
    that is a good question ! i always do BUT i'm not sure you have too ! angelfingers is the gal you need to ask, what she doesnt know about le chat isnt worth knowing ! tht
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