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    Builder gel removal, what am I doing wrong?

    Im not keen on the ss acetone, I know acetone is acetone but for some reason this one didn't seem to soak off as well as others
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    Tip and dip acrylic?

    I use revel dip system and I get a very nice apex! It's not as easy as it looks but if you learn the system it's very good ! Picture isn't good but my nails are wafer thin, and flat as pancakes!
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    Dipping system?

    I've been using revel (I just can't get the hang of traditional l and p) I find it very good, really strong and no lifting
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    Advantages of BIAB?

    Ooops my mind wasn't with it! I was looking at jan thinking it was this years!
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    Advantages of BIAB?

    Can I ask how strong easi build is Compared to acrylic?
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    Depilatory cream between wax

    I managed to get in somewhere tomorrow everyone must've been waxed before Christmas for me to get in!
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    Depilatory cream between wax

    I could do a number 1 clipper on them! I'm so pleased that they've gotten finer that I don't want to ruin anything ! I might see if I can get in somewhere over the weekend, I hate people like me that leave apps to the last minute!
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    Depilatory cream between wax

    Usually I go 4 weeks in between apps, I have dark strong hair and I'm due right now !! I started about a year ago and it's just started getting finer
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    Depilatory cream between wax

    Hi, Im over from hair and nails ! I always have my legs waxed but forgot to book my app, my wax lady is away and I'm at Champneys on Tues and look like a gorilla!! Can I use cream or will this mess my next wax up??
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    Mixing 6.62 Majirlel

    I'm a koleston user but disappointed with white cover lately, I'm looking at a warm red brown like a 6.62, what base would I use for a warm colour on a level 6 with 70% white ( resistant) also is it full tube to half tube base?
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    7.66 Chromatone

    Thanks for relying! I can't find much a out this range of colour, my mind says it's a red because of the. 66 but her mum has the same colour and I'd say its more copper !!
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    7.66 Chromatone

    Yes it is the client who gave me free reign! As I said she's an ex hairdresser and is now suggesting what she'd like ! She's actually wanted a colour correction starting with bleach bath ( on top of bleach, colour and a perm!!) but I said that's a no go. she's now suggesting 7.66 chromatone with...
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    Wella coverage question

    I'm having trouble with all koleston covering white its so transparent
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    7.66 Chromatone

    I've a client (she's an ex hairdresser!!) who want me to put 7.66 chromatone over her existing colour, with a few foils, I've never used chromatone so wondering what you think? It's lighter now from fading and Nat colour is around a 7, no white.
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    Halo gel help

    No wipe now! I've a feeling that I've been using dip acrylic for so long I've forgotten what gel feels like! It's not as hard as acrylic !