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    Hair Botox

    Does anyone currently offer this service ? Any reviews or recommendations?
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    How to retail successfully?

    Thanks both for your replies , I think like everyone else , that I just get fed up with people asking advice then finding said product cheaper online , even though I do educate them that fake products are rife, everyone wants stuff cheaper and cheaper. Sometimes it feels like it’s an uphill...
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    How to retail successfully?

    Does anyone else find retailing in the salon a hard slog , everything’s found on the internet and I am exhausted with trying to explain why the £1 shampoo in the discount shop is not the same thing [emoji849] Also I am increasingly seeing salons selling lots of other things , trinkets ...
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    "Fed up" owners group

    These are all the reasons why I am selling up and to be honest I feel liberated by the decision. Just want to work for myself and not have to manage people anymore.I constantly feel like I have to be on everyone's back all the time to have things done as they should and it's exhausting.
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    Wages/commission advice

    You would need to be paid at least the minimum wage for your age or the living wage if you are over 25 but this can include commission. Maybe she means you get £50 then 10% of everything you have taken that day but usually there's a target first so just ask her. Contracts can state also that...
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    Hair extensions refund advice

    She's mentally ill by the sounds.
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    Hard work clients

    It's ridiculous to expect you to do it free after so long but it depends what kind of client she is normally as if she is a good loyal client then maybe just as a one off offer a fresh root stretch but on the understanding that she understands that colours fade for lots of reasons including...
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    Average wages advice

    At age 30 you should be on 7.20 ph ( national living wage ) as long as you are not an apprentice level . Any higher would be up to the salon and how much business you generate etc .
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    If you weren't a hairdresser what would you be and why ?

    I have always thought a police officer would be interesting but I would probably get upset at some of the cases . I am thinking I would like to work with animals.
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    If you weren't a hairdresser what would you be and why ?

    As the title says really , if you gave up being a stylist what would you change to ?
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    Staff recruitment

    I always get people from advertising on indeed
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    "Fed up" owners group

    Did she give a reason why ? Or was it another sick day ?
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    "Fed up" owners group

    Oh no ! What's happened ?
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    "Fed up" owners group

    I agree that stylists have no idea what the reality is of actually being an owner ! All the worry but not always much more money. Anytime staff need holidays, maternity, sick leave, bereavement leave or have to leave in an emergency we need to cover or sort it out , you NEVER switch off, you...
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    "Fed up" owners group

    Oops I think that suggestion might have come from me [emoji85][emoji23] and yes I would be on here all the time if I had a fed up owners group [emoji106]. I actually had quite a nice day today with very nice pleasant clients, why can't all days be like that eh ! Sorry to hear you had a quiet...