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    Clients going mad over appointments!

    The waiting list has been more stressful than the shutdown. So far ours have been very patient and understanding but there’s still those few that want the first appointments and start looking elsewhere if they have to wait. There’s only so much you can do.
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    Pregnant workers after Covid-19

    Has anyone thought about what the situation is likely to be regarding such things as pregnant workers or workers with certain underlying health conditions when we return ? Will they be able to return and be covered by insurance ? We obviously cannot fully socially distance stylists or...
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    Six months!

    NHBF have just said on their website that it is not official government policy but from only one independent advisory to the government. I am sure it will all change again by tomorrow. Other countries have opened salons so will have to see how that turns out .
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    Six months!

    I can’t see it being that long but having said that I am very concerned as to how this is all going to pan out . In a largely female staffed industry and no signs yet of school going back there will be childcare issues and due to this virus it won’t be as easy to have children in the salon...
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    What new procedures following Covid-19?

    Yes we are just putting together all new procedures at the moment and I definitely think masks for now at least . Scheduling will also have to change with extra time for sanitation. Going to take some planning I think.
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    What new procedures following Covid-19?

    What new procedures if any will you be introducing when we return to the salon? Will you use masks ? Appointments only ? Reduced bookings ? Would love to hear your ideas.
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    Any business owners clued up on maternity pay?

    For smaller businesses he would go online and fill out a form including your due date from Matb1 form ( don’t think they need the actual matb1 sent just the dates from it ) then he can request advanced funding which he should then pay to you via payroll. In my experience the money usually gets...
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    Brazilian blow dry

    Getting good results with Framesi smoothing at the moment . You wash it as soon as you have finished .
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    Employed or self employed depending if busy

    Can’t see it ever being accepted by HMRC but also cannot see the benefit at all accept trying to avoid vat registration. All the responsibilities of being an employer towards them still there but giving away more to them on the most lucrative days ???
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    Hair Botox

    Does anyone currently offer this service ? Any reviews or recommendations?
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    How to retail successfully?

    Thanks both for your replies , I think like everyone else , that I just get fed up with people asking advice then finding said product cheaper online , even though I do educate them that fake products are rife, everyone wants stuff cheaper and cheaper. Sometimes it feels like it’s an uphill...
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    How to retail successfully?

    Does anyone else find retailing in the salon a hard slog , everything’s found on the internet and I am exhausted with trying to explain why the £1 shampoo in the discount shop is not the same thing [emoji849] Also I am increasingly seeing salons selling lots of other things , trinkets ...
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    "Fed up" owners group

    These are all the reasons why I am selling up and to be honest I feel liberated by the decision. Just want to work for myself and not have to manage people anymore.I constantly feel like I have to be on everyone's back all the time to have things done as they should and it's exhausting.
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    Wages/commission advice

    You would need to be paid at least the minimum wage for your age or the living wage if you are over 25 but this can include commission. Maybe she means you get £50 then 10% of everything you have taken that day but usually there's a target first so just ask her. Contracts can state also that...
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    Hair extensions refund advice

    She's mentally ill by the sounds.