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    Disposable paper towel, do I need it?

    Check with your insurance provider. I'd say clean handtowels would be fine for most treatments though x
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    Instagram - please follow

    I thought it would be nice to share our accounts and see what we are all up to I'm where can I find you all? [merged threads]
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    Certified cruelty free no animal testing

    Ive just bought The Gel Bottle based on it being cruelty free and vegan x
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    Gels and acrylic - is there any need to learn both?

    This is great advise, I will be offering full beauty services and I do think you are right in that explaining that you offer gel extensions is likely to put a lot of peoples mind at rest from thinking you cant offer extensions at all. Thanks so much x
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    Gels and acrylic - is there any need to learn both?

    I am dipping my toes back into beauty training for salon treatments ( I currently work in management for a cosmetics store). I have just signed up for a gel course which is £275 but she advised its £399 if I want to add acrylics. Now, all I remember about acrylics from college was that I hated...
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    Cruelty free skincare ranges

    Dermalogica are 100% cruelty free as they pulled out of the Chinese Market in 2017. They had lost their cruelty free status when they had sold there but are now back on the PETA website. Not sure if everything is vegan but she didn't ask for vegan from what I gather x
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    Level 2 beauty therapy training

    in all fairness I always find your story an inspiration and if I can end up with a salon like yours one day I will be very proud of myself xx
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    Instagram - please follow

    Http:// is my page in cruelty free beauty x
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    Starting over

    I'm looking to upskill this year too! I did my level 2 about 5 years ago and Swedish massage 4 years ago. Going to do gel nails first and then hoping to book on with noveau for LVL. Will be blogging my journey here xx
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    Level 2 beauty therapy training

    I did level 2 at 28 and my level 3 Swedish massage at 30 (started that when 36 weeks pregnant lol). I work as an assistant manager for a cosmetics store but very tempted to open a salon next year when I will be 34! Never too late to join the party I had a blog on doing beauty as a mature...
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    Career change: nail tech & wanting advice on home course/training

    If I were in your shoes and had no previous beauty experience, I would for sure want to go to a course with contact time - it's always helpful to be able to ask people the specific things you notice mid training you don't understand. Also great to get tips from people who have already done it...
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    Ikea tables used as nail desks?

    The Klimpen looks fab - anyone used it and know where you can get glass for the top?
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    Orly Gel FX

    Argh! Thank you for sharing, this is what bothers me. Im reading this comment A LOT. They have a great deal on until the end of the month but I don't want to jump head first into it if they are going to cause me gyp long term. xx
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    Orly Gel FX

    Hey, I've had a search and could find a thread on people trying to remove this when a client has arrived already wearing it. Couldn't really see any reviews on how people find it to use and remove after they have trained with them though. So I am wondering, who here is trained with Orly and...
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    Creating own products?

    Not quite true, in most cases you work with them to produce something to your requirements. Back in time the owners of Lush used to do exactly this, they in fact used to make the products for The Body Shop! Do your research to find a company that fits your requirements though, personally I'd...