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    New IBX Boost?

    It all depends on your area, the cost per service is about xx.xx cents per full application. Moderator edit: Trade prices and cost per service are not permitted on the site. Please contact your supplier for this information.
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    New IBX Boost?

    It is similar to Smoothing gel, but better!
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    New IBX Boost?

    IBX Boost is a fabulous compliment to IBX. Boost is over top of the nail and will protect the natural nail even further. It is different than most gels we have used as it is a flexible gel, take a look at the difference in application! It is similar but actually better, so you should...
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    IBX Boost bruised nail

    That looks like it hurt, I do not think that has anything to do with Boost at all, it is just a thin flexible gel put over top of the nail.
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    IBX Boost

    Yes, that is our distributor in Holland. IBX Boost Base and gel does need to be applied thinly and it will stay on beautifully. Go to our website ibxnails website and look under education, you will see the instructions for how to use under gel polish. Your gel polish is applied a little...
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    IBX Boost

    IBX Boost is more than a smoothing gel, it is a strong and flexible gel that can be used to strengthen the surface of the nail and work as a buffer layer for your gel polish. Boost give you more flexibility and yes it can be rebalanced.
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    IBX Restore & Repair?

    IBX requires warmth over top to help it penetrate into the surface of the natural nail-so it has to be warm-gonto our website and go to education and there are 2 short videos there that show you how to use IBX- as far as a cleanser goes -you would use whatever cleanser you use...
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    IBX heat source?

    Contact Louella Belle in London-they can tell you which lamps work best in the UK. if you have weak nails-for sure you can use a gel over top in conjunction with your IBX. Most people don't need it, IBX builds their nail up for them, but some absolutely do need the over the top reinforcement...
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    IBX repair - my brush has gone bristly

    Hi Rachel, this is Linda Nordstrom here from Famous Names, that is odd to have that happen to your Repair brush. In the 3 1/2 years we have had IBX on the market this is the first time I have heard this. The obvious reasons would be that the brush/bottle was exposed to a UV/LED lamp--other...
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    IBX training

    Contact Louella Belle to see where their next classes are.
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    IBX marketing material?

    Hi there, I am sorry, but I never received an email from you asking for these things. You are more than welcome to copy/paste anything from our website or Facebook. if you need more please contact me at
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    IBX training?

    Contact Louella Belle-they can tell you.
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    Hi Tasha, Thank you for posting this. IBX is not a gel it is a natural nail strengthening system that is deposited to the inner layers of the nail plate to help strengthen, repair and protect the nail from the inside out. IBX does not get removed as it is inside the nail not on top. IBX is a...
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    IBX/Famous Names roadshow

    That is exciting-my husband and I will be teaching this class ourselves-can't wait to meet you!