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  • hey linda.. this is strange.. was thinkin about u today :) an here u r ..

    Glad to hear the nails r looking good an most of all they r ON :)

    I'll have a wee search for ya ... Linda Casey ??

    Ive been workin at that salon... on a percentage basis, i think for now its better than nothing an am getting the vital practise that i so need ....

    do u think i wud have let him back in the house if he hadnt lol !!! yes i got a couple of nice outfits :)

    Thank the lord !!! i was kinda nervous that a few might have fallen off, leaving ur hands looking odd :)

    Mine wasnt much better either, hubby came back last night, so gave him a bit of a hard time lol coz i felt like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take care hun, nice to hear from you.. x
    been gettin up at 7 for my 3 days in Edin... this morning i turned, thinkin it will be about 7ish..... was actually midday lol !!
    hiya hun... thanks so much 4 today... drive back was a nightmare :-(

    hope u got back ok...

    Aww hope your feeling better soon xx
    I got mauled by a feral kitten it decided to have a chew on 3 of my fingers not nice I was dripping blood all over my sisters freezer :lol:
    Hi Linda I am so sorry I missed your message I was on the phone with my sister.
    Hope you are well :hug:
    That is good to know that we have the same birthday - no probs re the pictures - I hope they didnt need to be in a certain order.
    He is a totally gorgeous beast, sadly not mine!! He's a 16.2hh Dutch Warmblood and my friend who owns him does dressage on him and he's progressing really nicely..... You can see his temprament as well cos Kara was holding him on her own!! I love him to bits!!
    Believe it or not but I had been to sleep + that was me back up....Late night on Saturday :)

    When you bringing geek bear to see us?

    Heather x
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