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  • Hi Linda

    Im a mobile Beautician with no hairdressing experience and I am currently looking for a hair extention course I understand you provide a training course I have taken a look at the lush us website and I am very impressed with the service & course they provide. I live in tonyrefail which is 14miles outside cardiff but dont mind travelling if you have a group session near by. Please could you contact me to advise me on dates & prices and website. Many thanks Liza Byrne 07917 107464
    Hi there,
    I am doing a search for some one to do my extensions asap . I live in Gosport and this thread came up!.. I wondered if you could please advise where and who to ask.. Thanks Lindsey x
    hi, i read you do hair extensions training which areas do you cover and whats your charge? thanks, i live near caerphilly
    Hey Linda - I thought this was you lol

    I am hopinh to get sorted asap - have a buyer on my Merc :( so that will cover the cash.

    If you can let me know the dates you have left, I can go from there - I am not restricted to a particular day so whever is best for you to travel really xxx
    Hi linda I spoke to you recently and you recommended a lady called louise (hair by louise) to do my hair extensions...i wanted to say thanks she is ace!!! I want her to do my training but she is worried that im unable to get a certificate for my insurance if i train with her? could you shed some light on this please if not could you recommend training for micro rings only in birmingham? thanks Charley xx Tel 07852483753
    Hi Linda, i hope you dont mind me asking for some advice.
    I am level 2 quailfied hairdresser and have quailified and doing hair extensions for 12 years. I am often asked if i will teach other hairdressers, i just wanted to know if i need a certain qualification to train and provide a certain certificate after training is complete?
    Thanks , Tasha .
    Hi Linda
    A few weeks ago you sent me some skincare products, I misunderstood and thought they were sample lash products, I can send them back to you ( I haven't opened them)?
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