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  • I no been off here for a while, so nice to be back on, im enjoying it sooo much :) xxx btw the pink sparkle nails are my ideal color, shape i LOVE them xx
    yep it's annoying when you r posts are seemingly ignored.....fell like posting right so your welcome sometimes haha......getting ready for the madness of next week, I am free for an hour at 3pm tuesday and that's it, straight though 9-9 till xmas eve 9-4. i don't mind though January is a looooong are things with you?
    Thanks for that, I've seen the Isopropyl Achohol marbling done before, how do you do it (I use gelish BTW, dont know if that matters)

    I've also bought some charmed additives off a geek whos having a clear out (I missed out on the springtime ones, so gutted :( )

    And are CND additives the same as the mica ones? I ask because i bought some cosmetic grade mica powders from the colour shack on ebay ages ago, but whenever i tried to do a full colour on a nail, i'd apply the mica, apply top coat, cure but sometimes the mica would wrinkle under the top coat and then scarpe off so i gave up on them :(

    I hope i have more luck with the additives. x
    Do use additives? I've just bought some and my mind went blank on what art to do (normally i'm flowing with ideas!)
    I've got red, blue and yellow and the white and the sparkle ones.

    Do you have any tips on using them?
    Well I'm sure you heard me.. Lol. I'm quite loud and with my accent would stand out. Yes I loved the event, it was a great experience from start to finish.
    just the morning. 4 tans/ 2 gels. don't mind really. normally spend monday doing my housework. dreary!
    why ? what's happening there?i bet you going to meet gigi or something jealouising like that. i've to go to work tomorrow. debs on tuesday so tans/gels all morning.
    do you come here often. haha. i'm trying to get myself motivated to get up and wash my floors. exciting.
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