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    South Miami Beach techs

    Hiya, is there anyone based in South Miami Beach that offers soak off hard gel? One of my clients is traveling around America at the moment and needs her nails done, she currently has Gel II Skyscraper Soak Off Hard Gel and gelish and wants similar again if possible, Thanks! X
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    Inflatable tent!

    Hiya, I'm in need of a new inflatable tent but the places that sell the one I currently use (Sunless Solutions- Tan-in-Tent and Amy Childs) have been out of stock for ages and i need it ASAP! Can anyone recommend places to get a decent inflatable ten tent please? Thanks! X
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Hi, I did an ombre first using lilac and dark purple Gelish then I also used 2 glitters, a silver holographic right at the base of the lilac then a lilac holographic glitter over rest xx
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    10 most popular Gelish?

    My most popular year round colours are: Gossip girl Pink smoothie Light elegant Black cherry berry Hot rod red Tiger blossom She's my beauty My one blue love And colours for French (sweet dream and arctic freeze) And as cheekychick says, for summer my top 2 would be : Brights have more...
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    Starting mobile - what colour Gelish to get

    My most popular summer colours last year were Brights Have More Fun and I'm Brighter Than You. Pink smoothie, Gossip Girl, Light Elegant, Hot Rod Red, Black Cherry Berry and She's My Beauty and are always popular all year round, then of course your colours for French [emoji5]️ x
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    Mobile therapists: success stories?

    I've been mobile for 4 and a 1/2 years now and I'm fully booked most weeks [emoji5]️ I love my job xx
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    Card payments for new venture - which ones do people recommend

    It is easy for them to spend money with me, they have the choice of cash or if they don't want the hassle of getting cash out or want to add something last minute and don't have enough cash they can pay by card if they want. Everyone has been very impressed by the fact I even have a card machine...
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    Card payments for new venture - which ones do people recommend

    I'm mobile and I use Izettle. I charge my clients to cover the charges. I figure why should I have to pay the charges for their convenience? If they don't want to pay the charges they can pay cash but no one has minded at all and I've been using it over a year. If they don't want to pay the...
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    Suntana reviews

    I've also used Suntana for years now and all my clients love it, I've had lots of people say it's the best tan they've ever had!
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    My nails at the moment, purple ombré glitter nails! Pictures don't them justice, they are super sparkly!! [emoji171]
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    Mobile - what time do you work until?

    My working times vary but the latest I will start a treatment is 7.30 (unless it's a really long treatment/ lots of treatments when I will start earlier) but aim to finish by 9pm at the latest as I start at 9am most days xx
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    What have you used over the white here please, I love it!! [emoji7]
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    Patch testing - yes or no?

    No! I always patch test with tint!! I wasn't taught to patch test tan though
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    Patch testing - yes or no?

    I was never taught to patch test x
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    Mobile uniform in summer?

    Lol! Yes if it's a hairy leg day then definitely its palazzo pants not 3/4 lengths but I go to a pole class every Wednesday so I have to try and keep on top of my leg hair lol, we have to wear such skimpy shorts I'd frighten the others if I didn't [emoji33]