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  • Hi Lisa
    Just wondering if you had a contact for anyone that does twinkle toes near my area, as my daughter has asked for a pamper night/afternoon, but it has to be twinkle toe - very high maintenance.
    Many thanks in advance

    Hi Lisa its Robert here we spoke on the Phone about me getting the Mani Q colour. i love the product so much.... :D i love the high gloss finish on it!!!i just finiding with my uv lamp that it is not curing well... is there any free training on the Mani Q colour?! x
    Thanks so much Lisa - and back at you - hoping you had a good one too. Lovely to see Jenny D do so well too... it was fun to be back. See you in Scotland - we can have a catch up there x
    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your help on the phone today! I have purchsed my mani-Q and protein bond as recommended and now cant wait to use it! Will be searching the shed for a tile in the meantime. haha x
    Hi Honey Just to let you know we have started a Young Nails Social group Please feel free to join us T
    Hi Lisa, just wanted to say thanks for my one to one training I had with Steve on Monday, I thoroughly enjoyed it and now feel much more confident. I was having problems with lifting and have noticed a huge difference in my models nails, 6 days later. I start my new job this Wed 15th, cant wait and will keep you posted with how im getting on. Emma
    Lisa.... email on so I have your details like address and phone etc .... :hug:
    Hi Hun, thanks for the finish and info you sent me, i have used it and it is fab much better than glaze & go.
    deb xx
    Hi Lisa....thanx for your message re my insurance.....yep, we always mention that we were beauty AND retail with my arty stuff and SalonGold seemed clear and looks like we will be going with them. But there are some terrible companies out that was high up on Google (a broker) came back with different quotes and details each of the 3 times we phoned them! They were'nt bothered about certificates either? also, bt business broadband told my firend a load of rubbish, but we had booked them to come to our shop then only found out they were in the wrong when they sent me a text so we phoned them again to find that the foreign salesperson had got it all wrong so we have put in a formal complaint! Anyway...things are gradually coming into place but not easily! Good job we both have a bit of sense between us ha ha! x
    Absolutely ok. I was just hoping we hadn't met and i had forgotten lol.
    yes am a fellow young nails user and lover. I am more and more impressed with each product that i try
    Ah how fab. We stayed in the bellagio. Also did all the rides etc. U doin a helicopter ride???
    U must go on the New York ride ducky.
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