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  • I`m such a donkey!! just psted strait bk on me own page!
    Hiya ducky..., gt a bit delayed and missed yn class.
    U had a gd weekend tho at Excel???
    Hi, Thank you for the friend request. I would of love to of come to the show but as it is just professionals this year I wd have to come on my own :o( I was gonna bring hubby, lol. We re-jiggled my training so that Jenni could be there Sunday for judging, I will hopefully get to the one in Birmingham at the end of April. Can't wait to get training, I already do Gel Nails and will prob convert to YN for that too, its all go go go, lol. Claire x
    Here come the girls girls girls........ Party dresses at the ready..... oh I feel like another Pair of jimmy choos coming on lol
    Hiya ducky.
    I will be coming up on Sunday, so I`ll just be able to pop into the Need for Speed!
    I`m really looking forward to meeting some of the team.
    Do you know if there will be any discounts with Youngnails at the show hun?
    See you soon
    Love Sarah xxx
    Hi Sarah
    Yes, we'll be at excel this year. Though we wont have a stand.
    We are holding seminars each day 'the need for speed' and 'gel doesn't have to be boring'.
    Clare Kelly is on the 'experts panel'
    There is also a free Young Nails workshop in Arena 2 on the Tuesday. Will you be around?
    Love to finally meet you and hope you can make the workshop.
    Lisa x
    Hi Lisa
    I`ve just jumped onboard with YoungNails. Loving it! Will you be at Excel?
    Hope you dnt mind the friend request.
    Lov Sarah xxx
    Hi Lisa, its great to see you on here, although i dont often visit any more. Once a month is enough to read the bitchiness, hope u r well x x x
    lol it takes a bit of time we will soon have you on facebook I just got on there the other week. Im a nail tech not a computer tech lol
    Hey you need to send me the hotel details so I can book for the saturday nite and Jenni needs them too please and thank you
    gutted to say that i wont be at the nec. i only realised a couple of days ago that we are going to jersey with 22 members of our family on that very weekend. i really like the nec show, its real easy for me to get to and my sis lives in brum as well as its just a more relaxed vibe at the show and easier to see things. lechat arent doing any shows this year so i was looking forward to being a visitor for a change.
    i notice you are looking forward to vegas, are you going on hols or to the nail show ?
    What just the 4 i am sure this will double in the next day lol.
    Yo will have your own fan club next
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