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  • Hi
    I am redoing my VTCT Level 2 again, Ididn't actually realise I could do my level 3 so I'm gutted I could of been doing that instead of taking something I already have, but no worries as I get the chance to update my skills and to be honest I have learnt some new things.
    I can't wait to go on Level 3 though, I want to teach nails eventually so it's my next step to achieving that.
    I am working down here now, set up and called myself Nails Angels (named it after my dad, he passed away 2 years ago and loved Harley Davidson Motorcycles, hence Hells Angels - Nails Angels haha, he would of liked ) xx
    Hi Lisa-Marie, I was at truro college last tuesday night, I was Izzys assessment. I was hoping to get to chat with you, just wanted to say hi really and congrats on your competiotion place. I have the same tutor as you, sarah is lovely. I wasnt sure if I had the right Lisa?How are you finding the NVQ 3 Course? I'm hoping to go on it in september. I had a nose on your website, your nails are really nice and your jewellery too x
    If you ever need someone for a future assessment let me know, it will be nice to see you
    Take care Keeley x
    thanks for reply quite new to site but getting the hang of it!! it's fab had a quick look at your pic's hope u dont mind they are lovely! x
    sorry hun, missed your message as I was emailing someone and by the time I came back you'd gone! xxx
    that its a lot more expensive that i thought it would be!
    im now thinking of doing a home course but keeping an open mind and a close friend of mine does nails so ill seek her advice!
    I went to Camborne college level 2 & 3 and holistics!
    Thanx for the message
    oh i'm a nightmare for anything pink and girly...! This child has more clothes than me, and around 6 pairs of shoes! I can't stop buying things, the only good thing is i haven't paid a fortune for all her clothes, i've bought from places like matalan and primark as i know she won't be in them long, and a few nice outfits from debenhams, mothercare etc. I've also bought a lot of clothes for next yr that where in the sale so i've been sensible ish...:) xx
    Do you not fancy taking the plunge and doing nails full time or you not ready yet? Yes i'm having a girl..:) am pleased as didn't want a boy. xx
    i'm using NSI products. I have found the course addictive, really enjoyed it and yes i want to do more. Not sure if it's a novelty to me as i have always been used to working in an office, it's a total different change of direction or is something i can make a business out of. I have a baby due any day, so going to stick to friends and family for a couple of months then think about what i want to do. But yeah am loving it..:) xx
    northern college of beauty in liverpool. Is a really nice place and the price of courses were really good. xx
    I found your pic! I'm going to make it my mission to find you straight away cause I don't know a soul there so we can be shy together! I've never done anything like this before and I have no confidence in L&P, I'm ok when I'm left to it but I get nervous when I'm being watched & it all goes wrong! I think it will be a great opportunity though so go to enjoy it & make the most of it. keep in touch before the 25th! x
    Hiya! Yes put a pic up so we can recognise you, I put some in an album. I am so excited about the event, I really don't know what to expect so that makes me a bit nervous! Where are go staying? Are you travelling up on the train? I'm going up on the friday night with my hubby, we are staying at the Mariott hotel cause my hubby wants to play golf there to pass the time on, feel bad I'm dragging him along but I havn't got the confidence to do go on my own. Put a photo on & then I look out for you xxx
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